Playmobil: Pirate Camp (#4292)

Last time we checked out the Skull and Bones Pirate Ship. It was a fantastic set, but let’s face it, there’s some extra room on that ship. And that’s where today’s set comes in. The Pirate Camp is actually meant to be set up on shore, tucked away in some hidden cove, but when you break down this set and figures, it really fills out that pirate ship fantastically. Let’s see what we’ve got…

There’s that iconic Playmobil box. As usual, the box let’s the pictures do the talking. The front panel shows the toys displayed in action and the back panel has a photo catalog of everything you get inside the box. The set is designed to be a makeshift camp where the adorable little Playmobil pirates divy up their loot and probably try to doublecross and murder each other. Inside the box you get three baggies packed with the figures and accessories. Apart from the table top, there’s no real central piece in this set, it’s basically just four figures and a ridiculous amount of accessories.
The four pirate figures are pretty good, albeit a little less elaborate than the ones that came with the ship. I’m perfectly fine with that, because this lot looks more like standard crew and swabbies, and that’s exactly what my pirate ship needs. They’re a scruffy looking bunch and one of them is even a chick! They’re also a well armed bunch, as this set comes loaded with weapons. You get two muskets, six pistols, and a sword. It’s more than enough to arm this motley band and still have some left to hand out to your other Playmobil pirates.
The table consists of a board with sockets to plug the four large barrels into as supports. I love the way this works, since you can just disassemble it and use the barrels on the ship. Honestly, I doubt I’ll ever display the table, although you could set it up on the deck of the pirate ship if you want, and I suppose the board itself would make a decent makeshift raft or loading ramp. You also get a bunch of smaller barrels, two wicker baskets, a couple of candlesticks, a sack, a bottle of booze, and a lamp.
How about treasure? The set comes with two small chests, a bunch of gold nuggets, a bunch of gold coins, and a baggie of precious stones. The gold pieces are all vac-metalized, which makes them look awesome.
The Pirate Camp set retails at just under seventeen bucks. I’m pretty happy with that price, although if you compare it to the Soldiers Boat at twenty, I’ll confess it does seem rather high. You do, however, get a lot of great stuff in here and if you own any of the pirate ships in this line, this set has everything you need (except maybe some extra cannon) to outfit your ship with extra crew, treasure and accessories. Then again, it’s also plenty of fun all by itself or as an addition to one of the pirate island playsets.

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