Green Lantern Classics Wave 2: Skallox and Nite-Lik by Mattel

[So, I wound up having to take a little impromtu vacation-slash-break this past weekend. A few things came up and it couldn’t be helped. I’m going to do my best to get back on track for the rest of the week. -FF]

If you stopped by a coupla days ago, you know that I wasn’t exactly impressed by the Medphyll and Naut Kei Loi combo. It’s a passable figure and it certainly serves to fill out my Green Lantern Corps quite nicely, but I don’t think it lived up to the first wave’s similarly gimmicked Low and Maash, and it certainly doesn’t live up to today’s featured figure: Skallox and Nite-Lik, our first figures from the Red Lanterns.
Here’s the Green Lantern Classics packaging again. Just like last time, you can buy this figure packaged as either Skallox or Nite-Lik. If you buy him as Skallox, you’ll note that half the bubble is dominated by parts for the conversion to Nite-Lik and that this isn’t some simple head swap. The back of the card is the same no matter what and only the name printed on the insert is different. Great looking stuff.
Unlike the last pair where I could just describe both incarnations of the figure in one go, these guys really each deserve their own treatment. So let’s start with the simpler of the two, and that’s Skallox. Skallox features a simple Red Lantern colored buck that is pretty close in line with the ones used for the Sinestro Corps combo-figure. The only new pieces of sculpting worth mentioning are the arm bracers. I would have liked a bit more of a vibrant red for the uniform, but the current paint job still looks good. Skallox’s head looks like a goat skull with a terrifying rictus and his hands are both balled up into fists. So, yes, this is a simple figure, but the sculpt on the head is excellent and the whole ensemble looks great.
To change him to Nite-Lik, you pop off the head and hands. Next, pop on the new hands, place the cowl over his shoulders, pop on the new head, wrap the skeletal trophies around his chest, and you’re good to go. Wow, what a difference! Nite-Lik’s got a face even a mother wouldn’t love. It’s like a wad of chewed gum with beady eyes and a big set of choppers. The left side of his face is spattered with what I’m guessing is green blood. Two pink tendrils come out from the back of his head and wrap around his torso, displaying his collection of alien bones. His blue claw hands have smaller tongue-like tendrils protrudring from his palms and ending in forked pincers. Awesome.
Skallox and Nite-Lik comes with one of the legs needed to build the Collect & Connect Stel figure.
I really felt no inclination to pick up doubles of Low/Maash or Medphyll/Naut Kei Loi in order to display them together. These Red Lanterns, on the other hand, are a different matter. The transformation uses a lot more pieces and thus makes for two far more distinctive looking figures, both of which are absolutely badass. I’ll definitely be grabbing up another one so both of them can be displayed on my shelf. Besides, with my Infinite Earth’s Club Subscription, I know that I’ll be getting Atrocitous sometime next year, and I need to start building his troops. Either way, between Stel’s leg and all the Nite-Lik parts, it really fees like you’re getting your money’s worth on this figure.

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