Playmobil: Knights Deluxe 2-Pack (#5888)

It’s been a little bit since I revisited the Playmobil line. I had bigger plans for features on this line of toys in 2011, and while I got to look at a number of the Pirates sets, I was never able to expand onto some of the other sublines. Nonetheless, while I was picking through some of the post-holiday leavings at a local TJ Maxx, I found this lone Knights 2-pack hanging on one of the pegs. Let’s see what we got…

The set comes on a big bubbled blister card, similar to what we’ve seen before in one of the Pirates 2-packs. Playmobil doesn’t really name these things, which makes it difficult to classify them, apart from the Lego-style product numbering system. In typical Playmobil fashion, there’s hardly any writing on the package, as this line tends to let the product speak for itself. You can clearly see everything you get in the bubble, as it’s all layed out nicely, but the flipside of the cardback also catalogs everything you get as well. I find these product photos useful on the boxed sets, but it seems kind of redundant on these carded sets. This set contains a total of 28 pieces, which include two figures, a horse, a weapons rack and plenty of weapons and accessories.
The horse is a pretty generic black horse with a brown saddle. Apart from the neck, it isn’t articulated, but he interacts well with the figures. You can easily repurpose him if you have any of the other themed sets that might require an extra horse. The knight on horseback is a black clad guy with a brown beard. His grey armor includes a helmet with black plume, arm plates and a breast plate, all of which can be removed. He also comes with a nice double-edged battle axe. He’s a little generic, but I’m cool with that, and the removable armor means you can get a couple of the same figure and make some changes if you’re inclined to army build your Playmobil knights.
The other knight is grey suited with a brown piece around his neck that is sculpted to look like fur. He has a baldric that can hold his sword in the front and has a clip in the back to hold another weapon. He has two clip on arm bracers and a very cool helmet with a moveable visor and horns. This guy also has some really freaky brown eyes that are looking off to the side. I keep the visor down to hide those frightening eyes.
The rest of the gear includes a nice weapons rack with two poleaxes and a shield. There are two additional slots to hold more weapons. You also get a wolf flag standard on a pole.
I absolutely love the size assortment of these Deluxe sets. With two figures and accessories and a horse, you really get enough stuff to start playing even if you don’t own another Playmobil toy. On the other hand, it’s a great way to bolster your ranks if you own a bunch of the Knights sets or even if you’re lucky enough to own one of the castle playsets. The set originally retailed at around six bucks, which is a great value, but picking it up for $3.99 really is an amazing deal.

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