DC Universe Classics Wave 19: Lord Naga by Mattel

I should be trying to space out some of these posts so I don’t spend all my material at the beginning of the month, but truth be told, I have a shit ton of figures coming in over the next week or so. As a result, I’m back to look at the last of the Wave 19 DC Universe Classics figures I currently have and that’s Lord Naga the head of Kobra. He’s another one of the figures in this assortment that I was pretty excited to get and he’s definitely one of the more unique looking additions to the DCUC collection.

And… there we go again, the standard DCUC packaging. I’ve got to say Naga looks amazing inside that bubble. He really fills the card out well and the artwork on the cardback really frames this figure beautifully. I’m not sure about his icon on the bottom insert, though. It’s supposed to be the emblem on his hood, but what’s that supposed to be? A snake scale? Either way, this was one figure that made me a little sad to rip open because he looks so good packaged. Lord Naga comes with the torso for the C&C STRIPE figure, which is barely contained under the insert on the bottom of the bubble.
So, to the uninitiated Lord Naga kind of looks like Zartan cosplaying Serpentor at a Comic Con. But anyone familiar with the character should be pleased at how well the figure nails the character’s design. He may reuse some parts here and there, but the figure is so well put together that he looks one hundred percent new. The scaled green buck really meshes beautifully with the gold sash, gauntlets, boots and shoulder plates. The sculpted hood is a separate piece, which allows the head to take full advantage of the ball jointed neck.
Articulation roll call. Neck? Ball joint. Arms? Ball jointed shoulders, swivels in the biceps and wrists, and hinged elbows. Legs? Universal hip movement, swivels in the thighs, hinges in the ankles and knees. Torso? Standard funky DCUC ab crunch. Yep, even with all that awesome sculpting, Lord Naga doesn’t miss a beat of the standard DCUC poseability.

In addition to the Collect & Connect piece, Lord Naga comes with a golden cobra staff that would make Cobra Commander proud. Yep, the Joe references practically write themselves with this guy. Hell, he even feels everything his former conjoined twin brother feels. Crimson Guard Commander twins, anyone? His hands are sculpted so that he can hold it in either hand or wield it in both.
Lord Naga was an awesome surprise for this wave, as at this point I really didn’t expect him to show up in the line at all. Well, at least not until the early production shots started leaking out. Once again, I think he was a great choice for a figure and another reason why Wave 19 has been one of my favorites in a while. As far as villains go, Lord Naga didn’t really play favorites with any one hero, so he’s a great compliment to any number figures in your DCUC collection, and he just looks damn great on the shelf.

I’m going to take a little break from DCUC for a bit, but I have just put in an order for the last two figures I need in Wave 19: Hawkman and Magog. I’ll move on to some other goodies and probably be back to cover those figures and the C&C figure, STRIPE, toward the end of next week. Afterall, Wave 20 is now hitting retail, and I’m pretty anxious to get my hands on those figures too.

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