Marvel Universe: Doc Sampson by Hasbro

I got pretty long winded with the last couple Doctor Who features, and I thought I should try to catch my breath before diving into the Doctor Who pool again tomorrow with the first of two new Classic figure sets. So, let’s collectively take a day off from The Good Doctor while at the same time giving me a quick and easy figure to look at today. Doc Sampson should have been really easy to find, but oddly enough I didn’t come across him until I was scooping a bunch of Marvel Universe figures from one of the more recent assortments from off the pegs.

As expected, Doc comes on a standard MU card. The artwork is pretty nice, and I like the green striping used around his name on the bubble. Speaking of bubbles, Doc fills his out pretty nicely as he’s packaged in a nice wide stance with arms out. He also comes with the ubiquitous personalized figure stand.
You might expect Doc Sampson to be one of those really simple MU figures that can get by with a standard buck and some paintwork. Well, you’d be a hundred percent right. Besides his head, belt, and his boots, Doc Sampson uses a generic sculpt with black painted trousers, with red stripes, and a red painted shirt, albeit with his lightning emblem emblazoned across his chest. Keep in mind, I’m not complaining as the figure looks great and the paintwork on mine is nice and clean. The head sculpt is solid if unremarkable apart from his long sculpted green hair.
Doc Sampson also gets by with the somewhat older articulation. You get a ball jointed neck. The arms feature ball jointed shoulders, swivels in the biceps and wrists, and hinged elbows. The legs feature ball jointed hips, double hinged knees and hinged ankles. He’s also got the usual ball joint in his ab. Conspicuously missing is the swivel cut in the thighs, which I happen to miss a lot when it isn’t included.
And there ya go. It’s a quick in and out kind of day today. I like Doc Sampson a lot. He’s a great 3 3/4″ representation of a character that I was anxious to get into my collection. Is he going to blow anyway away? Probably not, but I doubt anyone was really expecting him to.

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