Thundercats: 6-inch Series: Panthro by Ban Dai

Here comes the second installment of my 6-inch Thundercats Trifecta and this time we’re looking at the bruiser of the Thundercats, Panthro. He’s a big hunk of plastic, but does he live up to the awesomeness of Lion-O?

The packaging is pretty much the same as what we saw yesterday. It’s a huge bubble on a generic card, but the printed insert with Panthro’s character art adds a lot to the individuality of the presentation. While Lion-O looked pretty comfy inside his roomy bubble, Panthro’s looking a bit more crampt. He fills out the package nicely. He’s carded in a fairly prone position with his two accessories flanking him on either side. I thought it odd that he wasn’t carded holding his nunchuks, but we’ll see the possible reason for that in a few ticks.
Out of the package, Panthro is one satisfyingly large figure for this scale. One of my favorite things about the 4-inch line of BD’s Thundercats is the way each character is scaled accurately to each other, and that carries over to the 6-inch line as well. Panthro’s got a lot of bulk to him and he’s about a head taller than Lion-O. His proportions are awseome with huge fists and a big upper body. I’m absolutely loving the sculpting at work on this figure. Lion-O had a soft face sculpt, but Panthro’s is clear and full of character. I like the detail of the scarring on his shoulders and his face and I’m really digging the spikes on his bracers and chest straps.
Panthro’s paintwork is excellent and while he still has those pesky unpainted pegs in his joints, they aren’t nearly as offensive as the ones on Lion-O. He doesn’t have any exposed pegs in the front of his shoulders and the others don’t look so bad against the purple and brown of his darker color scheme. I like the mix of matte and glossy finish and once again, the Eye of Thunderra emblem on his belt looks crisp and beautiful.
Panthro features almost the same 18 points of articulation as Lion-O, so let’s run through them again. You get a ball jointed neck; His arms have ball joints in the shoulders, double-hinged elbows, and swivels in the biceps and forearms. His legs have ball joints in the hips, swivels in the thighs, double-hinges in the knees, hinged ankles, and his ankles have the cool rocker joints to keep his feet flat on the ground. Panthro has a ball joint in the waist and that same ab joint that is there, but doesn’t seem to really do anything. What’s the difference between Panthro and Lion-O? Panthro’s wrists aren’t really hinged, they only swivel.
Panthro only comes with two accessories, and they’re sort of the same accessory. You get his folded nunchuks and his unfolded nunchucks. The folded nunchuks can be pegged onto his back for him to carry, and I like this idea. The unfolded chuks are molded in one piece and the chain is flexible. I would have really preferred a piece of grey string connecting two pieces, but I’m sure this style was cheaper. The big problem here is that it is almost impossible to get the chucks into Panthro’s tight grips. Your best bet is sliding them into his grip at the chain and trying to slide it down to the batons and even then it’s really difficult. BD really needed to make his grip a little more flexible or give us a little more room to work with. Still, if this is the biggest gripe I can come up with, I suppose I can live with it.
As with Lion-O, I totally dig this figure and I’m having loads of fun messing around with him. Technically he’s a bit better executed than Lion-O since he has the sharper face sculpt and lacks the unpainted pins in the shoulders, but apart from that you get the same great looking and ridiculously fun type of figure. Sure, Panthro doesn’t come with as many goodies as Lion-O, but you do get his signature weapon in two forms and let’s face it, he uses a lot more plastic for his build.
Tomorrow I’ll be back to finish off this trifecta of thunderous kitties with Cheetara.

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