DC Universe Classics Wave 19: Hawkman by Mattel

I’ve already covered four of the six figures from the 19th Wave of DC Universe Classics, so let’s knock off the last two figures today and tomorrow and then we can check out the C&C figure, STRIPE. Today we’re looking at Hawkman and I’ve got some seriously mixed feelings about him turning up in this Wave. The running theme of this Wave has been the JSA and in fairness this is the Golden Age version of the character, but that doesn’t change the fact that we already got Hawkman all the way back in Wave 6, and if you already own that figure then all you’re really getting that’s new here are two new Golden Age heads and the C&C piece. Yep, except for one little change in the paint, this is a straight repack from the neck down. On the plus side… I actually don’t own the Wave 6 release of Hawkman, so…

There’s the DCUC packaging. I’m really anxious to see how the new All Stars packaging will stack up. I don’t know if its because its going away, but I continue to love the presentation of the DC Universe Classics more and more with each figure. Hawkman is carded holding his mace and he really fills out the card beautifully. Mine came packaged with his beaked mask, which I absolutely hate. I’m not sure if this guy was packaged as a variant or not (ie with the other head attached).
Out of the package Hawkman is a great looking figure. But then he was also a great looking figure when he was released 13 waves ago. As I already mentioned, he’s the exact same figure from the neck down save for the absense of the painted emblem on the red disc of his chest harness. The rest of the colors are all the same and the paintwork on my figure is all quite crisp and clean and free of slop. The wings have a nice feathered texture are are hinged on his back, and while the hinge is kind of big and ugly, its at least very sturdy and gives a nice amount of flapping articulation. The wings are also hinged at their peaks and they look quite majestic when spread out to their full span. I’m pretty sure the mace is the same one that came with the Wave 6 Hawkman as well.
I already let it slip that I hate the beaked version of Hawkman’s mask. It’s not any fault of the sculpt, I just think its a stupid looking design. The other head suits me a lot better, but I still don’t like it as much as the modern look. Maybe I can buy a trashed Wave 6 Hawkman for cheap and salvage the modern head, but more than likely I’ll wind up buying Mattel’s MOTUC/DCUC 2-pack with the Hawkman and Stratos, since I still don’t have Stratos. But, I digress…
Let’s run down the articulation. You get a ball jointed neck; The arms feature ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, and swivel cuts in the biceps and wrists; The legs have universal movement in the hips, swivel cuts in the thighs, and hinges in the ankles and knees. Hawkman swivels at the waist and features the ubiquitous DCUC ab crunch hinge.
I’ve said plenty of times during my looks at Wave 19 that I’m not going to do a lot of nitpicking regarding what characters Mattel decided to put in these final slots before the line goes bye-bye. They were never going to please everyone with their choices, and quite frankly its a good bet they didn’t even know the line was going to be ending when they populated Wave 19. That all having been said, I’m going to break from that because there’s just no way that I wanted a rehash like this one with only two Waves left. I’d be extra pissed if I already owned the previous Hawkman, but then since I prefer the more modern look, this figure is still nothing more than a placeholder in my collection. He’s a fine figure, and I’m sure there’s plenty of JSA fans and completists who will disagree with me, but I seriously could think of dozens of characters who should have gotten this slot in the penultimate Wave.
See ya tomorrow with a look at Magog!

2 comments on “DC Universe Classics Wave 19: Hawkman by Mattel

  1. Wow. I hate both those heads. I just received a Hawkman/Stratos 2 pack in an online exchange. I really, really like this figure with the Wave 6 head. I’ve always liked the look of Hawkman, but never enough to actually be invested in him as a character.

    Stratos is great, too… but I already had him. Really glad that the DCvsMotU 2 packs had variant accessories, because the red rocket/blue wrist wings on Stratos allow him to match my Vintage figure.

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