A Wee Bit of Filler… I mean, News…

Generally speaking, I don’t cover industry news here because there are plenty of sites that can do it far better than I can, but I wasn’t able to get a proper feature in today and so I thought I’d just duck in under the gun and point out a couple of really interesting items…

First off, it looks like Hasbro’s new Marvel Legends are showing up at retail and boy are they looking magnificent. I’m really digging the packages and the figures look pretty solid too. Considering how badly Hasbro mucked up this line when they took it over from Toy Biz, I was a little worried about seeing these things, but now I’m actually starting to get excited to get them in hand.

Secondly, Hasbro’s Avengers figures are also starting to show up in promo photos around the web and, well, they’re not looking so great. That SHIELD helicarrier on the other hand, I may need to pick me up one of those.

Thirdly, Hasbro has shown off pictures of some of the action figures from the new GI JOE: Retaliation movie, and holy shit do they look amazing. Cobra Commander’s new design is damn near perfect in my book and the new Cobra Troopers look pretty cool as well.

And lastly and most important, Playmates showed off their new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line and I was completely blown away. I wasn’t so impressed by the Classic style turtles, but the ones based off the upcoming cartoon look amazing as do the vehicles, not to mention a playset that is so enormous its hard to believe it’ll actually be released.

You can check out photos of most of this stuff over at www.toynewsi.com

And that’s all I got for today. I’ll be checking in tomorrow with a look at Marvel Universe’s Cable.