Resident Evil 5: Sheva Alomar by NECA

Collecting Video Game based figures isn’t really my thing. I pick up a few from time to time, but I don’t make an effort to hunt them all down. Nonetheless, having finally gotten around to playing Capcom’s Resident Evil 5, I decided I needed me some figures and NECA stepped up to the plate. I don’t have a lot of experience with NECA’s video game figures. I’ve been scared away in the past because a lot of them are basically just statues with some added articulation and I find NECA and McFarlane are just two of the biggest offenders in this category. After reading some reviews of the RE5 figures, the concensus seemed to be that these were bonafide action figures and not mere statues, so I decided to pull the trigger and give them a try. I really teetered between just getting the complete set of three (Sheva with Chris Redfield and an Executioner), but I found a really good deal on Sheva alone, and thought I’d test the waters first.

One thing NECA has always been good at is their sculpts and Sheva here is no exception. Her face and figure are just as attractive as her in-game counterpart. Giggity! Her top half is fairly simple, as she’s just wearing a two-tone purple tank top and so a great deal of the sculpting has gone into her from the waist down, where here gear is kept. That sounded wrong, so let’s move on. Her belt features decorative tooling, ammo pouches and a fanny pack. Her right thigh has additional magazine pouches strapped to it and her left has a holster for her pistol. Her pants feature stitching and wrinkles and her boots are cowboy/biker style with stirrup-style straps and buckles. She’s also got a sculpted necklace, a communication rig on her right ear and some kind of armband device. Yessir, a lot of nice work went into this sculpt making it one impressive piece of work for this scale.


NECA has been known to slip up with their paint apps from time to time, especially on their smaller scaled figures, but they’ve definitely been getting better and Sheva’s a prime example of that. The paint on my figure is overall quite good, with only a few notable blemishes. She does have a bit of inconsistancy between her right and left eyes, but it isn’t too bad. The tattoo on her left shoulder is crisp and very nicely printed and there’s really no slop to be found. The painted weathering and texturing on her gear is also quite impressive.




Sheva has an admirable amount of articulation. Her neck and shoulders are ball jointed. She has swivels in the biceps and wrists. Her elbows are not hinged, but rather diagonal cut swivels that can imitate a hinged joint in some ways, but ultimately I would have much preferred a simple hinge. Her upper legs move up and down and feature lateral movement, her knees are hinged, and she has swivel cuts at the top of her boots. She can also swivel slightly at the waist. This is what I call an action figure! She’s loads of fun to pose!



Sheva comes with three accessories: A Sniper rifle, an automatic pistol, and a knife. The pistol fits into the molded holster on her belt and features a snap down retaining flap. Egads, I love functional holsters! She can comfortably wield the pistol in either hand. The knife fits into the scabbard on her belt and she can hold it surprisingly well in her right hand, even though it’s clearly designed for the gun.  The sniper rifle is nicely sculpted, and despite having an ultra thin barrel, mine shows no evidence of warping.



Sheva set me back a mere ten bucks plus shipping, which is certainly decent for a figure like this. I expected a solid effort, but what I got was a downright exceptional figure. The sculpt and paint here are absolutely superb and while there are a few funky designs to be found in the joints, I can have a blast putting her in all kinds of poses with her different weapons. I’m going to go ahead and say that this is one of the better figures I’ve picked up in a long while and certainly and I’ll recommend her to anyone who’s been a fan of the game and looking to represent it on their action figure shelf.

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