Doctor Who: “Destiny of the Daleks” Collector Set by Character Options

It’s more Who today. Yay for more Who! Today we’re looking at another one of the four Daleks-and-Davros-themed sets that came out not all that long ago. These consisted of 4-packs based on the episodes, “Genesis of the Daleks,” “Revelation of the Daleks,” Destiny of the Daleks,” and “Resurrection of the Daleks.” The one I previously looked at was the 6th Doctor “Revelation” set, this time we’re checking out the 4th Doctor’s “Destiny” set.

The style of packaging is the same for all four sets. You get a long window box with the older style blue background and 2005-era logo. There are lots of photo stills from the episode and the back of the package has a nice blurb about the  story. The interior of the box features a tray with a printed backdrop from the episode, which you can save and use for display. “Destiny” was one of my favorite episodes growing up. It had Daleks and Davros, Tom Baker was really on his game, and the lovely Lalla Ward was wearing that adorable pink version of The Doctor’s scarf and coat. CO, when you finally get around to doing a figure based on Romana II, this is the version I want! Anyway, these sets all follow the same formula: You get a Doctor figure, a Davros figure, and two Daleks. These were a good idea for CO as they allowed for an economy of repaints, resculpts and repacks across four sets. And yet while these may seem like a quick cash grab, CO did right by fans and paid a remarkable amount of detail to the subtle differences between the sets.
Let’s start with The Doctor. Oh, look! I’ve got another 4th Doctor figure for my collection. Ten years ago I would have killed for a Tom Baker figure, now I’ve got a half dozen. You’d think I’d be griping about this, but nope. This version is a nice variant with new sculpting and his grey jacket. I’ve got plenty of him in his brown jacket, one in his burgundy jacket and even one in shirtsleeves. He uses the same serious expression 4th Doctor hatless head that we’ve had before and I think it still holds up well. His scarf is the same sculpt with new paintwork. It doesn’t quite seem episode accurate, but I’ll take it anyhow. This time he isn’t wearing his tie and his shirt collar is open. As with previous figures, his head is easy to pop off if you want to mix and match heads from your other Tom Bakers. I was hoping against hope this one would have the new ball jointed shoulders, but no dice, as you get the same level of articulation on the past 4th Doctors. Still, not bad. The Doctor also comes with his Sonic Screwdriver.
Davros is a great figure. I originally thought the four different Davros figures were just repaints of each other, but there is a remarkable amount of new tooling on this figure. The head sculpt is original to represent David Gooderson, as opposed to the Terry Molloy Davros from the“Revelation of the Daleks” set, including new wires and whatnot. Davros’ dashboard is also completely different from the previous set we looked at. The skirt is grey instead of black, but otherwise its pretty much the same, right down to the pop open service hatch added for the benefit of the “Resurrection” set. Davros comes with his computer sphere, which is appropriately the same piece used on the Source Manipulator from the “Keeper of Traken” set as the sphere was used in both props.                                     
And then there’s the Daleks. You get two standard Daleks from the episode, although one seems to be a higher rank than the other as he has a black stripe painted along his midsection and extra black paint around his bumper. Apart from that they’re identical. From my experience, CO traditionally has QC issues with the paintwork on their Daleks, but these two are just about perfect. Its ironic since the Daleks used in the episode were in terrible condition and practically falling apart. These guys look too new! The shade of grey does look a bit too light on them, but it might just be the lighting used on the episode. The ball joints on the gun and sucker arms were painted over, so I had to pop out the arms and carefully “crack” the joint by using a pen in the socket. Once done, the articulation is fine. These are definitely a couple of great additions to my Dalek armies.
I picked up this set for about $45 with shipping. It’s certainly not a bad deal for four figures. Chances are you long time collectors are getting tired of adding Tom Bakers to your collections, but even still I think the Davros and Daleks are still worth the price of admission. If you’re new to collecting Doctor Who figures, this one is a great starter set. The attention to detail in making Davros episode specific is impressive and if you’re in the market for some nice generic Daleks, these two certainly do the job nicely.

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