Transformers Cybertron: Cybertron Defense Scattorshot by Hasbro

[I’m sick as a dog today. I may have destroyed my immune system with alcohol last weekend and some horrific bug took the opportunity to invade. Either way, the show must go on, so I’m crawling out of bed long enough for today’s contribution. If it seems a little truncated, than you know why. Then again, today’s figure is so awesome, it practically speaks for itself. -FF]

So, let’s keep the Cybertron Defense trend rolling with Scattorshot. Red Alert did pretty well getting upgraded from a large rescue SUV to a missile carrier, but Scattorshot really hit the upgrade lottery, going from a tiny little Scout Class bugger to a big mobile rocket launcher.
Once again, we’ve got another fantastic sculpt and a really cool vehicle design. He’s an armored, tracked military vehicle with a 22-pack rocket launcher mounted on his back. The sculpted detail is impressive, with tons of panel lines, hatches, vents, etc. The missile turret can raise and lower and rotate 360 degrees. Each side of the vehicle has two Minicon ports, and Scattorshot’s rifle is slotted so that it can be mounted on any of these, giving him a bit more firepower. The coloring here isn’t exactly authentic military, but I do like it. The main body of the vehicle is a nice shade of blue, with black treads. You get silver accents on the broadsides and front, a little gold detailing, and grey turret.
Scattorshot is packed with two CyberKey gimmicks. Each one causes half of the missile launcher to spring open and reveal a friggin arsenal. The left side has a dual missile launcher and a translucent yellow targeting reticule. The right side reveals a giant cannon. I love the fact that activating these extra weapons doesn’t impede his 22-rockets. This guy has a ton of firepower!
Transforming Scattorshot is extremely easy, but that doesn’t take away from his robot mode, because he is one amazing looking figure. He’s got a really clean symmetrical profile and his rocket launchers wind up as functional arm weapons, both of which can still be enhanced with the CyberKey gimmick. He’s a remarkably sturdy and solid figure and loads of fun to play around with.  My only complaint here is I’m not crazy about the ugly ochre colored plastic used for his head.
Scattorshot features great articulation. You get universal movement in the shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel biceps, universal movment in the hips, swivel at the waist, and hinges in the knees. He’s got some satsifying ratchet joints and holds his poses really well.
As far as I’m concerned, Scattorshot is a “must have” figure for any Transformer collection. He’s a super cool looking military vehicle with excellent CyberKey gimmicks and a very simple transformation. But its Scattorshot’s robot mode that makes him one of my favorites. He’s such a solid, great looking figure with enough firepower to take on an entire Decepticon legion. Hasbro obviously recognized the awesomeness of this mold as they re-released it three more times, as Overload, Dropshot, and the Botcon Exclusive, Flak. In retrospect, I should have picked up Dropshot. The coloring isn’t all that great, but the mold does work really well as a Decepticon.

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