DC Universe Classics Wave 20: Red Arrow by Mattel

Welcome back for the fifth DC Univese Classics Wave 20 figure, and the last one we’re going to look at this week. He’s Speedy… er… He’s Red Arrow! Yesterday, I mentioned that I wasn’t really jonesing for a Green Arrow figure because he’s never been a favorite character of mine. You’d think that would be doubly true for Red Arrow, but truth be told, I’ve developed a bit of fondness for this character by way of Young Justice.

And once again, there’s the Wave 20 packaging. Red Arrow is packaged in a fairly neutral stance, holding his arrow in his left hand and reaching back for another arrow with his right hand. There are also three additional arrows mounted on the tray beside him.
Out of the package, Red is a great looking figure. I expected some parts sharing between Green Arrow and Red, but that’s surprisingly not the case. His outfit is two-tone red with a sculpted vest, complete with sculpted laces running across his chest and a belt and cross strap to match. He has a permanently attached copious quiver on his back. The head sculpt is also beautifully done. The mask is sculpted, rather than just painted, and he’s got a nice determined look with gritted teeth and a well defined jawline.
Red features the same articulation as Green Arrow. You get a ball jointed neck, the arms have ball joints in the shoulders, hinged elbows, and swivels in his biceps and wrists. The legs have universal movement at the hips, hinges at the elbows and knees, and swivels in the thighs. His torso swivels at the waist, and you get the usual ab crunch hinge.
Accessories? Obviously you get the bow and… hey, wait… its the same exact bow that came with Green Arrow! Am I being too picky to cry foul at the fact that Mattel packed the same accessory in two figures from the same wave? You do also get the extra three arrows. I’m not one to bemoan extra accessories, but these are going straight into the junk bin because they really serve no purpose. You can’t put them into the quivver, and the bow already has an arrow sculpted into it, so I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with these.
Surprisingly enough, Red Arrow turned out to be one of my favorite figures in this wave. I love the sculpt and the coloring and he’s just fun to pose and play around with. I’m not going to gripe much about the reuse of the bow, since the line was winding down and honestly the bow works fine for both figures. It’ll be interesting to compare this guy to the Young Justice 6-inch Red Arrow when I finally get around to picking that one up.

[And that’s another week in the can. There are still two more packaged DCUC Wave 20 figures to look at: White Lantern Flash and Reverse Flash, and then there’s the C&C figure Nekron. I’ll be getting around to finishing off the wave sometime next month. In the meantime, I’m taking tomorrow off, and I’ll be back Monday with a brand new week of action figure goodness. -FF]

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