Marvel Legends Wave 2: Future Foundation Spider-Man by Hasbro

Here we go with Wave 2, folks. We’re kicking off Marvel Legends week with a looksy at Spider-Man. This is one of the many figures in this wave that shipped in two different versions. The main release, which I’m identifying as such by the artwork on the package, is the so-called “Big Time” Spider-Man sporting the new costume that appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #650. My case, however, contained the variant, which is Spider-Man in the Future Foundation outfit. What a coincidence, seeing as we just looked at the Marvel Universe Future Foundation variants of the Fantastic Four last week!

The packaging hasn’t changed since Wave 1. I still love the look here. The overall deco is nice, although the coloring on the character art is a little perplexing. I seem to recall the costume featured in Ish 650 to be black with a red deco, not green. Doesn’t matter, because its not the figure under the bubble, and I doubt I’ll spring for the version pictured. No, I was very happy to get the FF version instead, since I’m such a Fantastic Four whore and I liked Spidey’s appearances as well as the designs of the FF costumes. You’ll note that there’s no BAF piece under the bubble, Spidey is the one figure in the wave that doesn’t include a BAF piece, so if you want to build Arnim Zola and don’t want Spider-Man, you’re in luck,  you can skip him. The lack of accessories and a BAF piece really makes him seem kind of small and lonely in that big package.
Word has it, this figure is supposedly a repaint of last year’s SDCC Exclusive Spider-Man figure. I’ve only seen a few shots of the Exclusive and I don’t see a lot of similarities, but then I suppose the deco makes all the difference. Either way, Spider-Man is a very simple sculpt and apart from the head and the webslinging left hand, there’s not a lot of unique tooling at play here. I do think he’s scaled too big for other figures in the line, particularly when standing next to Iron Man from the last wave or Bucky Cap from this wave. Pete isn’t exactly a big guy. The paintwork on this figure is also extremely simple. He’s molded all in white with a black painted deco. It works ok, but it seems lacking when you compare it to the paintwork on the Future Foundation costumes for the 3 3/4″ Marvel Universe figures. It just seems like the larger and more expensive, 6-inch figure should have at least as good a paintjob as the far less expensive and far smaller figures. Maybe I’m splitting hairs, because I do actually like the way the deco on this figure turned out. It just could have been better.
As a rule, I expect good Spider-Man figures to feature above average articulation and this figure does a fairly good job of pulling it off. You get a ball jointed neck with an additional hinge to help the head look up and down with greater range. The arms feature ball jointed shoulders, double hinged elbows, swivels in the biceps, and swivels and hinges in the wrists. His legs feature ball joints in the hips, double hinged knees, hinged ankles, and swivels in the thighs. The torso features a swivel waist, a hinged ab crunch in the torso, and hinges in the sides of the upper torso that give him some additional lateral movement in the shoulders. The articulation is perfectly fine, but it is curiously missing some points that are present in some of the other figures in this wave.
How much will Spider-Man cost you? I’m not going to gas on a lot about price points throughout the week, so let’s get it on the table now and be done with it. The retail on these figures seems to average around $15.99 to $16.99. However, if you buy them at Toys R Us or specialty shop, you could wind up paying as much as $20 each. The breakdown of my case with shipping makes the figures average out $17.99 a pop. It’s a good deal considering the convenience of getting one of each of the BAF parts, but then you don’t get to pick and choose the variants. So there’s some give and take there.
Now having said all that even at the lower range of the spectrum, about fifteen bucks, its hard to justify Spidey’s price tag. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a cool figure and I love him, but he features very little original sculpting, a very simple paint job, he comes with no accessories, and you don’t even get a BAF piece with him. It seems like Hasbro would have been better off giving him a BAF piece and letting one of the bigger figures, say Thunderball/Piledriver ship without one. Spidey is a solid effort, but he’s definitely lacking. Where are the extra points of articulation that we’ll see later on in Daken? Where’s the paint shading we see on the white parts of Madam Masque? Where’s a hunk of web I can stick on his arm to make like he’s shooting?  At ten or twelve bucks I would have been perfectly happy with him, but at about eighteen? Still a solid figure, but a pretty bad value.

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