Marvel Legends Wave 2: Fantomex by Hasbro

Marvel Legends week is in the home home stretch, so hang in there. Just two more packaged figures and the BAF to go. Today we’re looking at Fantomex, child of the Weapon Plus program and someone that I have not encountered a lot in my frequent travels through Marvels funnybooks.  I used to read a lot of X-Men comics, but most of that was in the 90’s and I’ve only read a few issues of New X-Men, so Fantomex here is the one character in this wave that I was least familiar with. Nonetheless, the figure looks badass and seeing as he’s the brainchild of Grant Morrison, I was still pretty anxious to add him to my collection. Let’s take a look…

I thought it odd for Hasbro to include two such monochromatic figures in the same wave, but in fairness Future Foundation Spidey was a variant and Fantomex is one of the few figures in this assortment without a variant so what you see is what you get. Did any part of that sentence make sense? I need more coffee. Anywho, Fantomex fills out the bubble very nicely with his flowing trenchcoat and brace of automatic pistols. Mounted beside him is the included BAF piece, Arnim Zola’s right arm. The character art is pretty cool. Its a nice action shot!
Here’s one of the few examples of the new Marvel Legends where I don’t have a lot to say about the figure’s head sculpt. Fantomex is wearing a mask so its not a big venue for detail. The eyes and bridge of the nose are exposed and nicely painted. The black deco paintwork on the mask isn’t quite as sharp as I would have liked and is mostly fuzzy around the top. Its perfectly passable, but not up to what we’ve been seeing on a lot of these other figures.
Mediocre head sculpt aside, Fantomex is a really great looking figure. Its like he comes from some bizarre alternate dimension where GI JOE’s Storm Shadow and Firefly merged together and joined the  X-Men. The black and white deco looks really nice here, particularly with the black gloves, boots and the red X belt buckle. Apart from the boots and gloves, there isn’t a hell of a lot of original tooling for this figure’s body. You do get some sculpted straps on his legs.
Fantomex features a sculpted, sleeveless high collared trench coat that looks absolutely smashing in the figure. The ripples are wonderfully sculpted and it fans out beautifully on the back. You get the same black deco on the back and much like The Dude’s rug, it really ties the room action figure together. He also has a separate belt that hangs around his waist and features two functional holsters for his pistols.

Speaking of pistols, Fantomex’s brace of automatics are amazing little sculpts. They’re cast in grey with no paint apps, but tons of little details for such small accessories. I do find it a bit odd that both have their magazines partially ejected, but it doesn’t change the fact that they look great. He can hold the one in his right hand really well, but unfortunately his left hand doesn’t hold the pistol very well at all.
Fantomex features the same articulation that we’ve been seeing in most of the male figures in the line. You get a ball jointed neck with the extra hinge. The arms feature ball jointed shoulders, double hinged elbows, and swivels in the biceps and wrists. The legs have ball joints in the hips, double hinged knees, swivels in the thighs and swivels and hinges in the ankles. The torso swivels at the waist and features the ab crunch hinge.

Even with all the Marvel comics I read, I still can’t be familiar with every character. Nonetheless, I don’t need to know a lot about Fantomex to appreciate that this is one really cool figure. The deco is really cool, I love the trench coat and he’s an all around fun figure to pose and play around with. I don’t know what’s up with the sculpt on his left hand not being able to hold his gun straight, but that’s really the only stand out issue I can take with this guy.

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