Marvel Legends Wave 2 Build-A-Figure: Arnim Zola by Hasbro

As promised, I’m back with the prize at the bottom of the cereal box. All them parts we’ve been collecting from tearing open six of the seven figures of Wave 2 (Sorry, Spidey, no parts for you!!!) pays off and we can finally piece together Arnim Zola. He’s that kooky Nazi geneticist who dared to dump his brain into a cloned body. I seriously love that shit! The whole idea that Nazis were engaged in all this secret Frankenstein mumbo jumbo never gets old for me and Zola, in all his ridiculousness, is the posterchild for it.
Let me cut right to the chase and say how much I adore this figure… I adore this figure! You could argue its because I’ve wanted a Zola figure for a long time, but then you could also say that because of that I should be more demanding and less forgiving. Truth be told, as far as I’m concerned this figure is perfect. I’m not really sure it needed to be a Build-A-Figure, as he’s rather an average size and I tend to think of the BAFs as being larger figures, that couldn’t be offered in standard packages. There’s no reason why Zola couldn’t have come carded. But I digress…
The screen in the torso showing Zola’s face is extremely well done. The graphic is behind a piece of plastic, which really conveys the illusion that its a projection on a screen, rather than just a sticker stuck onto his chest. I think it would have been cool if Hasbro used some kind of lenticular image, but that’s ok, I’m perfectly happy with what we got here. Its a great illustration with Zola peering out and giving you the evil stink eye. The ESP Box sits atop the shoulders, where the head should be. There’s some cool additional details on the figure like the gemetric patterns on the front and back of his pelvis, the sculpted rumples on his shirt and segmented lines in his legs, and the orange, purple and gold deco really makes the figure stand out.
Zola’s articulation is a bit more limited than the regular figures, but for what he is he’s still fairly poseable. You get a ball joint in the ESP Box, his arms feature ball joints at the shoulders, hinges in the elbows, and ball joints in the wrists. His legs feature ball jointed hips, double hinges in the knees, swivels in the thighs, and hinges in the ankles. His torso swivels at the waist. Like I said, quite a few points missing from what we’re used to, but overall not bad.
Arnim Zola is really fun figure and a great representation of the character. Sure, he could have just as easily been packaged as part of the wave, rather than as a BAF, but considering he’s probably a very high demand character, it was a pretty crafty move to deliver him this way. Chances are we’ll revisit him again when I finally track down Viper with the variant torso.

Marvel Legends Wave 2… Epilogue:

And that wraps up Marvel Legends, Wave 2. This time, I didn’t do a running score of the assortment, but I tried to be pretty clear in which figures I thought were hits and misses. Overall, I think this wave was almost as good as the initial one. The only real letdown here was Spider-Man, as I think that figure deserved better paint apps. better scaling, and a few more points of articulation. The rest of the figures were perfectly solid additions to my collection. Then again, apart from Zola, I don’t thnk there were any five-star figures like Thor or Steve Rogers. I don’t want to take anything away from Terrax, but Zola was a really high demand figure for me and I’m glad to finally have him in my collection.

If Marvel figures aren’t your thing, I’ll thank you for your indulgence this week. With only one more wave of Marvel Legends due out this year, my guess is you won’t see another ML week here for a little while. You will, however, likely see this wave pop up again here at FigureFan, as I’m still committed to tracking down Piledriver and Viper.

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