Lego City: Mobile Police Unit (#7288)

Ok, so yesterday’s Lego City set was ok, but it didn’t really blow me away. Let’s see if something a little beefier can fit the bill. We’re still on a police vehicle kick, but this time we’re looking at the Mobile Police Unit, a semi-truck that opens out into a CSI style crime lab. If you’re living in Lego City, chances are a lot of your taxes got pissed away on this thing, so let’s hope it’s paying off with a return on lower crime rates, eh?

The box is satisfyingly big and it shows off the truck opened up as well as all the other goodies and figures you get in this set. It also shows a motorcycle cap nabbing a crook running off with a gold bar. How clever can the criminals of Lego City be to be knocking over gold bricks right in front of what looks like a $2.5 million mobile crime lab? Not very. At 408 pieces, this set is more than twice the size of the last one I looked at. Inside the box, you get four numbered baggies of bricks, two instruction booklets, one sticker sheet, and a loose base, which will become the floor of the trailer. This one took me quite a while to put together and there’s all kinds of cool stuff going on with it. When all is said and done you get three minifigs, a little sports car, a road barricade and traffic cone, a police motorcycle, and of course the truck itself. As always, let’s start with the minifigs.

You get two cops and one criminal. The criminal is just a guy wearing a striped shirt and a pair of grey pants. He’s got a skull cap and he comes with the gold brick. Next up, we have the crime lab guy. He’s wearing a blue shirt with a badge and tie and has the cushy job of sitting in the lab while our next minifig, the motorcycle cop is humping the beat all day. The motorcycle cop is my favorite figure in the bunch. He’s got a nicely illustrated outfit showing off the zippers on his jacket, his badge and his walkie-talkie. He’s also got a helmet with a movable visor and the ubiquitous mirrored shades painted on his face. He also comes with a pair of handcuffs.

Next up are the little vehicles. The police motorcycle is an awesome little piece. If Lego would put this bike and the cop in a baggie and sell them alone, I’d bet they’d move a bunch of them. I’d buy a half dozen just in case I ever want to make a Lego Presidential motorcade. The little car, on the other hand is pretty goofy, but it still makes for a nice bonus in the set. I’m guessing it’s the criminals getaway car.

And then there’s the truck. It’s built in two pieces: The cab first and then the trailer. The whole thing is beigger than I expected. The cab can disconnect from the trailer and the trailer has fold down support so that it can stand on its own. The cab features opening side doors, angling sideview mirrors and movable spotlights on the top. The trailer features a compartment just behind the cab to store the road barricade and the traffic cone. The back of the trailer has a cell area with a barred door and bars on the windows. There’s also a rotating dish antenna on the top of the trailer.

The roof and doors to the trailer all fold out to give clear access to the crime lab inside the trailer. Inside you get two workstations with chairs and computer screens, a coffee pot, which oddly enough is one of my favorite things in the set, and a rack to keep equipment like the magnifying glass, extra handcuffs, and flashlight. The set makes great use of the stickers as display screens on the walls, maps of the city, and a wanted poster.

At $40, this set was a lot more satisfying then the last one. It was double the price, but it has signicantlly more than twice as many pieces. The extra vehicles add a lot of play value to the set and the whole design of the truck and crime lab conversion is executed extremely well. Plus, the motorcycle and cop are really cool additions to the set. If you’re short on Lego funds, I’d recommend skipping the Prisoner Transport and going straight for this one. Yeah, it’s more money, but you really get a lot to show for it.

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