Doctor Who: Judoon Trooper and Judoon Captain by Character Options

Its time for another jaunt in the TARDIS, back in time, to some of Character Options’ earlier Doctor Who figures. There’s more than a few of these guys that we haven’t shined the Spotlight of FigureFan on before. And with not a lot of new stuff on the shelves and pegs right now, I’ve got to find something to look at, haven’t I? Anyway, I’ll be off to The Pub in a little bit, so this is going to have to be a quickie.

I adore the Judoon. When they were first introduced in the episode “Smith and Jones” I thought they were Sontarans, right up until the Captain took his helmet off. You can’t blame me, what with their black leather armor and giant dome helmets. Nonetheless, giant space rhino mercenaries are just as cool as spud-headed clone warriors. The fact that they turned out to be the right arm of The Shadow Proclamation was just icing on the cake. Some time ago, I featured CO’s 1:6 scale treament of the Judoon, which you can check out HERE, but I was pretty surprised that I hadn’t tackled the 5-inch scale versions before. The larger Judoon featured a removable helmet, whereas these smaller guys came in two versions: The un-helmeted Captain and the helmeted Trooper.
Ok, so from the neck down, we’re basically looking at the same figure, with just two key differences. Let’s start with the Trooper. He’s got a huge, sculpted and non-removable, helmet. CO did a nice job sculpting his leathery armor, particularly the detail in the arms, the abdominal muscles, and all the tiny little belts and buckles that make him look like some kind of crazy S&M fiend. There aren’t a lot of paint apps, but what’s here is quite good. All the little buckles and pins are neatly painted silver. The strips of plastic that make up his “skirt” are soft, rubbery and quite flexible so as not to inhibit his leg movement. All in all, this is a pretty great likeness of the Trooper on the screen.

Mr. Judoon comes with three accessories. You get a gun, a language assimilator, and a bio scanner. The gun fits into the holster on the belt and the other two accessories peg into holes on his belt.
The Captain has his helmet off and I have to say, his head sculpt is brilliant. He’s got a cool textured, leathery skin and an angry toothy snarl. The horns look great and you have to love his tiny little Rhino ears. Its a shame CO couldn’t have pulled off a removable helmet for him, but I still love what we wound up with. The only other difference between the Captain and the Troopers is the inclusion of the language assimilation port in his neck. You can actually pull the assimilator off his belt and put it into the socket too! Why the Troopers have the assimilator when they don’t have the port is beyond me, but who am I to balk at extra accessories, eh?
The articulation on both figures is identical. You get arms that rotate at the shoulders, have hinged elbows, and swivels in the bicep and wrist. The legs have universal movement at the hips, hinges in the knees, and swivels in the thighs. The figure also swivels at the waist. Its fairly good poseability for a race that were more lumbering than agile in the show.
The great, or sad, thing about the Judoon figures was that they were dirt cheap for quite a while. I used to pick these things up for under six bucks each, and for a while I couldn’t stop myself. I was only able to dig out four Troopers for this feature, but I know I have at least one more Captain and a couple more Troopers hiding in a tote somewhere in the FigureFan Toy Closet. Whether friend or foe, these guys are among my favorite additions to The Doctor’s Rogue Gallery since the show came back in 2005, and I hope we get to see them again in a starring role sometime in the future… or the past.

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