Sunday… Ahhh!

Yep, it’s Sunday so I’m taking the day off. Its been a grueling week at work and I’ve got a nice three-day weekend as the payoff. As you read this, I am curled up in a whiskey bottle with a jerry-rigged, steam-driven VCR playing a marathon of slightly garbled old episodes of Bionic Six. A possibility for future installments of VIntage Vault? Hmm… could be…

I might try to get up to Toys R Us this weekend and see if I can find anything new on the pegs because it has been a long time since I’ve found anything current that’s worth buying. On that note, my Voltron Yellow Lion and Hunk figure should be coming in any day now, so we have that to look forward to next week, along with the usual M.A.S.K. and AD&D editions of Vintage Vault, another Marvel Universe Comic Pack, some more Doctor Who, and whatever I can find to fill the gap in between.

See y’all tomorrow.