Lego Kingdoms: Crossbowman Bagged Impulse Set (#30062)

[I am indeed gone for the weekend, but I did have time to put together something that’s been sitting in my hopper since the beginning of the year. I’ll be off again tomorrow, and back on Monday for the usual M.A.S.K. Monday goodies, which by the way is starting to wind down for the time being. In fact, I have only three more installments planned for the present time. Hopefully they’ll be some new stuff turning up on the pegs soon, else I forsee some kind of Summer Hiatus for FigureFan. -FF]

Yes, bagged impulse set! I don’t know what else to call this thing, but no doubt you Lego collectors are familiar with these little impulse sets that turn up en masse during the holiday season. I picked this one up quite a while ago. In fact, it was probably a couple of days before last Christmas in that array of binned stocking stuffer items that Target sells that time of year. I seem to have dropped it into a drawer and forgotten about it, because I only found it again yesterday when I was looking for a bottle opener. I can’t remember the exact price, but it was either $3.99 or $4.99.  That’s a buck or two more than the blindbagged Minifigs usually sell for, but this one comes with a little more than your average Minifig.
As the name suggests, this set comes in a simple, printed baggie. The front shows you what you’re going to get inside and declares that the set contains 31 pieces. It doesn’t sound like a lot of bricks, but for a set this small, that’s not bad at all. It takes no time at all to slap this set together. When you’re done you get the Crossbowman, a little cookfire with a turkey leg, a couple of spears and a box to stand them in, and a target with an apple tree.
The Minifig is very cool, although if you collect the Kingdoms series, he’s probably pretty familiar to you. He’s got a nice printed tunic, a jolly grin and a very cool steel helmet on his head and quiver of arrows slung on his back. He also comes with… wait for it… his crossbow!
The box of spears has been included in various Kingdoms sets before, and I think most collectors of the line will be happy to get another. You can stick it in the corner of your Castle or Prison Tower as an enhancement. More weapons and a place to put them is never a bad thing. The cookfire and turkey leg is an ok piece. I’ve never been overly fond of it, but it makes for a nice enhancement to any Kingdoms camp or guard barracks.
The other bigish piece in the set is the target and tree. The apple tree is a little funky, but hey its hard building a convincing Lego tree of this size. The target is cool and can be angled up or down. Again, this is a great enhancement piece to a Castle courtyard or your Kingdoms camps. Besides, I’m pretty sure I don’t have any Lego apples, so it has some unique bricks for my collection.
In case you haven’t picked up on the subtle theme of this feature, its enhancement, and that’s what this set does best. While there’s nothing essential here to make me want to hunt down more of them, everything in this little baggie make nice additions to any Kingdoms collection. On the other hand, if you just collect the Minifigs, the Crossbowman is a good addition to any lineup, and he does look great dispayed with the extra set pieces. All in all, not a bad little set for the price of admission.

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