Thundercats: Mega-Scale Mumm-Ra by Mezco

Holy, hell… looky here. Something new to look at. I came home from work today to find a massive box sitting on my stoop and knew right away that it had to be Mezco’s new Mega-Scale Thundercats figure. Its just a bit ironic that when Mezco introduced its Mega-Scale Lion-O last year, I saw it as an oddity. Afterall, Ban Dai had just secured the license to do Thundercats toys and I naturally assumed that most of my Thundercats goodness would be coming from them. Now, here we are, Ban Dai has all but abandoned the line. Our Classics Thundercats are incomplete, and I’m now counting on Mezco to deliver a full set of classic kitties in this Mega-Scale line. If you haven’t checked out my feature on Mezco’s Lion-O figure, feel free to do so. I was blown away by that release, and so I expected great things from Mumm-Ra. Let’s see how he turned out.


The package is HUGE and gorgeous. It doesn’t stand out quite as much as the bright red box used for Lion-O, but it is appropriately black to reflect the evil that is Mumm-Ra. You’ll also note the addition of the word “Classic” so as not to confuse these with the 2011 versions based on the new series. One side panel has the Thundercats logo running down it and the other shows off some of the Mutants. Oh, Mezco, I can only hope you keep doing these and deliver on the Mutants as well! The back panel shows off a photo of the figure and the front has a window to show the figure itself. Mint in Sealed Box collectors may be disappointed to learn that you really cannot get the full effect of this figure unless you take him out, because some assembly is required. To be specific, he’s packaged with his feet off, because when they’re on he’d be too big to fit in the same size box as Lion-O. His cape is stored behind the tray and must be attached to the figure, and he comes with three rolls of bandages taped to the back of the tray. More on that later. Suffice it to say, the in-package presentation here is fantastic and he can be returned to the box for safe keeping, which is a good thing, because as much as I love him, I really don’t have the room right now to keep him on display.
So, as mentioned, once this big guy is out of the box you need to do a little set up work. Mumm-Ra’s feet are attached just like Lion-O’s removable hand/claw shield is, and you can easily pop them off to get him back in the box. The placement of the bandages are completely up to you. I wrapped one around each arm, and than use the center around his chest and waist. They’re very stringy to make them look ragged, but you can always snip them to give them a cleaner look.
The sculpt here is pretty fantastic. He has the same great musculature as the Lion-O figure, gnarled claws and feet, and lots of detail on his fur spats. The head, however, produces the real awe factor. Mumm-Ra used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid, and this figure’s head sculpt captures exactly why. He’s gloriously hideous, with piercing red eyes, and a toothy mouth open in a combination scream and creepy smile. Even now as I write this I keep glancing off to the side at him and wish he would quit staring at me. Look at those damn eyes. They’re painted with glossy red and they literally look like they’re full of blood. The helmet is perfect, right down to the curved snakes and the flared nasal guard. I also absolutely love that Mezco went with actual cloth streamers for the back of the helmet. You can drape some of them over the front of his shoulders for a really great look. His skirt is sculpted as part of the figure. The metallic gold paint is really nice too.
Ah, but we’re not done yet. The soft goods cape is sewn onto the tray, and takes a bit of care and a pair of clippers to get it off. It then attaches to the peg on the back of Mumm-Ra’s neck and on the spikes on each of his arm cuffs. I had to enlarge the center hole a little bit with a pair of scissors, but once on it stays on pretty well and can easily be taken off to return him to the box.
And articulation leads us back to the whole Action Figure Vs Statue debate. From the waist down, Mumm-Ra only has two points of articulation, and those are the swivels from where his feet attach. And in all practicality, these aren’t very useful because he’s designed to stand with his feet positioned in a very specific way. From the waist up, he does a little better. He swivels at the waist, and he has ball joints in his neck and his shoulders. His wrists also have swivel cuts. You can get some slight variations of poses out of him, but he’s clearly designed to stand with arms straight out to best show off his cape and bandages and scare the living shit out of you if you forget he’s standing in the corner and turn on the light. Yeah, that might have actually happened.
Besides being an absolutely fantastic figure, Mumm-Ra impresses even more by the price point. I thought Mega-Scale Lion-O was a steal at $35 and I expected Mezco to raise the price on Mumm-Ra, now that they had hooked collectors with Lion-O. You know how dealers always give the first taste for free. Nevertheless, I picked up Mumm-Ra for the same ridiculously cheap $35. The sculpt is every bit as impressive as their first figure and the decision to deliver a mixed-media figure was nothing less than brilliant. The fabric cape, streamers, and bandages really pushes this figure completely over the top. I’ve already pre-ordered my Panthro, and I sincerely home Mezco keeps going with this line, and at the very least delivers a Tygra and Cheetara. All I know is, I’ll keep buying every one they decide to put out.

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