Vintage Vault: Sectaurs Skito and Toxcid by Coleco

Its Friday and that means its time for another AD&D… oh wait, sorry, force of habit. As I’ve been promising for a while now, we’ll give AD&D a break for two or three weeks. today we’re taking a look at those loveable mutant insect warriors from the planet of Symbion. I’ve featured the Sectaurs here on FigureFan numerous times in the past, but this is actually the first time I’m looking at one of the bad guys from the Dark Domain of Synax. Part of the reason I pushed this one back from last Friday was because I was desparately looking for some of the stuff that came with him. I have all his accessories, but somewhere, I have an envelope with the mini-comic and other ephemera. Alas, I still couldn’t put my hands on any of it, so we’re going to just press on with the figure.

No in package shot. One day, I’ll get around to actually looking at one of these figures or beasts in a package. I remember getting Skito in a window box, but I’m pretty sure some of these figures were available carded as well.

And there’s Skito. Damn, I love the designs on these figures. They’re so very distinctive. Skito’s head sculpt is a little more human-ish than some of the bad guys we’ll eventually look at. He is separated from the good guys by having an olive colored skin. He’s also sporting pointy ears, fangs, and a set of cool, segmented antenna. There isn’t a lot of variation in the core bodies of these figures. Skito features the usual armored chest with flared shoulders, four fingered hands, both of which can hold his accessories, and feet that end in three pointy toes. The rest of Skito’s color pallet features a lot of black and green. His feet desolve from green into borwn. As always, I like the slightly metallic twinge on his chest paint.
Skito has the same standard points of articulation as all the Sectaurs. His head turns, his arms have ball jointed shoulders. His legs feature ball jointed hips and hinged knees. Not exactly super articulation by today’s standards, but not bad for the day. You can get some decent poses out of him.
As always, you get some cool gear with the figure. Skito features a removable harness that goes across his chest and around his waist. It includes a fully functional shoulder holster for under his right arm, and a scabbard loop on his left hip. The pistol is a little grey snub-nosed affair with a wonderfully detailed sculpt. The sword is also grey, slightly curved and the blade is segmented as if its made from bone or something. Lastly, he comes with a small shield.
Of course, one of the gimmicks of the Sectaurs line was the psychic link between the characters and their little buggy sidekicks. In this case, Skito’s is Toxcid. Toxcid’s big claim to fame was his ability to spit acid in people’s faces. The toy replicates this by allowing you to fill up the bug with water and squeeze it to shoot. I used to use Kool Aid to give it a red venomy look. In terms of play value, Toxcid probably isn’t the most exciting of the bug companions. He isn’t at all articulated, and unless you’re actually going to fill him with water and squirt people, he just kind of sits there. Still, I think his gimmick works better than some of the other bugs in the line. At least he doesn’t have a grappling hook built into him. Either way, he is a very nice sculpt and the coloring on him is very cool.
The Sectaurs figures continue to amaze me. As a kid, I was totally in love with this line, even though I never owned any. But nowadays they impress me all the more because of how well they hold up after all these years. Skito is a fun, well designed figure with lots of cool gear and he’s totally representative of this line as a whole. What’s more, they display beautifully on any retro-themed toyshelf or even beside my Masters of the Universe Classics.

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