Marvel Spider-Man: “Power Charge” Rhino

With the pegs full of figures based on the new Amazing Spider-Man film, you might be surprised to see me dredging up this odd line that’s been pegwarming toy aisles for what seems like ages now. Sure, you’ve seen it, it’s the line with a thousand different versions of Spidey in all those mission armors that you’ve never seen him wear… ever! Amazingly, I actually covered a figure in this line before, it was“Toxic Blast” Venom, which I picked up because I desperately wanted a Venom figure for my Marvel Universe shelf and it fit the bill. The same is sort of the case here. I actually got this figure off of Ebay because it was bundled with my Avengers Black Widow at a pretty low price. And just like Venom, this Rhino figure fills a hole in my Spider-Man Marvel Universe rogue gallery. Let’s see what he’s all about…

The packaging is pretty solid. The red and blue deco matches Spidey’s color theme and there’s a nice illustration of him in the upper left hand corner of the card shooting web right at your face. The card also makes a big deal about the trading card game cards included in the package. The bubble inserts have some passable illustrations of Rhino. The “Power Charge” moniker may have you envisioning some horrible gimmicky abomination that is destined to ruin the figure. Let me guess, I pull him back and he zips forward? He shoots out of some launcher? Nope. Truth is apart from the trading card game, this figure is completely free of any kind of gimmicky weapons or other nonsense. There isn’t even a stupid, oversized missile launcher in here!

And it’s a good thing too, because if there were, there’d be no room for the figure. While he’s still scaled for the 3 ¾” line, Rhino is one big mamma-jamma. He’s on par with the larger MU figures like Apocalypse and Thanos. He’s also a downright fantastic sculpt. The texturing and little details on this guy are great. His skin looks like bonafide leathery rhino hide, and his armor is worn and pitted. The head sculpt is no slouch either, as this guy has one of the most maniacal looking mugs in the Marvel line up since Constrictor or Bullseye. Overall, this sculpt is better than most figures we’ve seen in the MU line, which makes me wonder why it was wasted in this goofy kid-orientated side show.

Rhino has six pieces of armor that fit over his shoulders, fists, and legs. They’re held on in the package by those tiny invisible rubber bands, and you may be better leaving them on because the armor doesn’t stay on all too well. I wound up blue-tacking mine, and I may eventually just glue them in place. I do like the armor, particularly the spiked shoulder pieces. On the other hand, the figure looks just fine without the added armor too, so it’s no big deal if you choose to leave it off.

On the downside, Rhino is missing a few points of articulation that sets him apart from the MU figures. His arms feature ball joints in his shoulders and elbows, and swivels in the biceps, no worries there. His legs are ball jointed in the hips, but there’s no knee or ankle articulation. His head can turn side to side, but there’s no articulation in the torso at all. The lack of knee articulation hurts the figure the most, but you can still get some decent poses out of him, so I’m not complaining too much.

I’ve never seen this guy in the stores, but that’s probably because I just never bother to look at these Spider-Man figures. Had I known it existed, I surely would have grabbed him up. As it happened, he was tossed in with my Black Widow for what turned out to be about $12 each shipped. Considering the price Black Widow goes for, I basically considered this figure to be a freebie, but even at twelve bucks, I feel vindicated. With rumors that Marvel Universe is ending next year, I’m getting more and more worried about which characters may never make it onto my display shelf, so if I need to rob from some other lines, I’m more than happy to do so.

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