Lego Mini-Figures, Series 7

Last time I did a feature on Lego minifigs it was waaay back in Series 2 and I bought enough blind bags to make it theoretically possible to get them all. Obviously, I didn’t get them all, but I did do pretty well with only a couple sets of doubles. Well, five series later and I haven’t been holding out featuring these. Nope, I just haven’t been buying any. Why? I honestly don’t know, because for $2.99 you get an amazing moment of either sheer delight or total devastation as you spill out the parts and see what you got. Anyway, I decided to break the unintended moratorium today as I was bumming around the toy section on the prowl for early releases of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures. This time, I was content with just picking up two packets of blind bagged Lego goodness.

Yes, if you don’t know the deal, the Lego Minifigs come blind bagged. There are all kinds of tricks to figure out who’s actually hiding inside, but I honestly think that ruins the fun. Keep in mind, I’m not a diehard collector, and I do feel for you Legophiles who are dead set on getting every last figure, but for a guy like me, I’m happy to go with the luck of the draw. So let’s check out the first one.

The Olympic Swimmer? Son of a fucking bitch!!!! So much for the luck of the draw, as I think this is the one figure in this whole assortment that I wanted the least. I mean, seriously? What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? Godammit! She’s so terrible that she isn’t even pictured on the baggie, only on the folded checklist inside the baggie. Why? Why, Lego Gods? Why have you forsaken me??? I suppose if I had any Star Wars Minifigs, I could use the medal as a Battle of Yavin medal. The swimcap would work if I ever custom make a Moe Howard Minifig. …Seriously, I’ve got nothing else to say about this one, except she’s got two printed faces and for some reason the one with the goggles makes me really angry. I’m going to try my luck on baggie number two. And so help me God, if it’s another Swimmer…

Fuck and yes! The Black Knight. Not only is this one absolutely amazing Minifig, but it actually goes with a lot of the sets I have. Just check this guy ou! He has slick armor patterns printed on his legs, and a blank upper body with a separate armor piece that slides on. The silver deco printed against the black really looks fantastic. And check out that printed face! He looks like he’s going to kill you and then use both your femurs as chopsticks to eat your intestines as if they were a delicious Lo Mein. Sadly, he only has the one printed face, but look at those bloody rage-filled eyes and tell me you would prefer something else. The helmet is nicely sculpted, and he comes with a cool sword and shield.

Ok, so as pissed as I was to get stuck with Olympic Swimmer Lady, I have to say getting the Knight cancels out the anger. This guy is one of my favorite figures in this assortment, although to be fair, this is a pretty great series with a number of truly great Minifigs, which kind of makes getting the Swimmer suck all the more. Either way, I’m not deterred by the experience. If anything, I want to try again and pick up a couple more real soon.

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