Marvel Super Heroes: Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown (#6866) by Lego

Until now I’ve been mum regarding Lego’s coup of simultaneously securing both the DC and Marvel licenses for their building sets. I can’t imagine how much money was involved to work out this deal, and while it’s true no DC and Marvel characters actually coexist in a single set, the fact that they’re both on the shelf at the same time is mind blowing, as is the fact that if you happen to buy a Batman and an Avengers set, no lawyers will show up at your house to keep you from playing with them together as part of what is essentially the same cohesive toyline. That all having been said, I question Lego’s understanding of the Marvel Universe when they release a set called “Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown” and QUIETLY SLIP A FREAKING DEADPOOL MINIFIGURE INTO IT!!!

Seriously. Look at that box art. It’s Deadpool attacking Wolverine in a fucking gunship, while Magneto impotently fiddles about in the background. Calling it “Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown” not only fails to recognize that it isn’t Wolverine’s chopper, but also fails to communicate to the potential buyer that Deadpool is anywhere involved with or included in this set. I must have walked past this thing a hundred times in different stores, never bothering to notice that a Lego Deadpool minifigure was within my reach. No, for my money, Lego should have just named this set “Deadpool Minifigure In A Box With A Bunch of Other Stuff That I would have purchased straightaway!

Of course, I’m joking… but not really. The box consists of an instruction booklet, a “comic adventure” booklet and three unnumbered baggies of 201 bricks that make up three minifigures, a motorcycle, and an attack helicopter. The “comic” is just a fun little booklet featuring Marvel characters as Lego minifigures, but it ultimately fails in that it is a comic featuring Deadpool, in which Deadpool says absolutely nothing. As always, let’s start with the minifigure… er, minifigures.



You get Deadpool, Wolverine and Magneto and as much as I adore my new little Deadpool minifig, I have to concede that all of the minifigs in this set are nothing short of excellent. The bright comic-y colors are gorgeous and the combination of printing and unique bits really bring out the personality of each character in adorable minifigure form. Deadpool actually gets by with the least amount of unique parts, although he does have a set of scabbards on his back, which can store his katana swords in a criss-cross fashion. He also comes with a gun. Wolverine features a special hairpiece that meshes perfectly with his printed sideburns. He also has his two sets of adamantium claws, which he actually holds in each hand, but they still look pretty good. Lastly, Magneto features a new helmet sculpt, a cape, and a little disc for him to fly around on. Both Wolverine and Magneto have double printed faces, whereas Deadpool just has his standard Deadpool mask.


The helicopter is a lot nicer than I expected. It sits on three sets of landing gear consisting of six wheels, and it’s powered by one main rotor and two smaller rotors on the tail boom. The roof over the cabin lifts off to seat a figure in the cockpit and the sides are open and you can put additional figures in the back. You can also use it as a cargo area for Deadpool’s precious cargo of Hot Pockets and chimichangas. There are two stubby wings coming off the sides, each one holds two flick-fire missiles, can pivot up and down, and they have clips to attach Deadpool’s katana swords to the ends. That’s right, because Deadpool can kill you with swords attached to his helicopter! Wow!

You also get a little motorcycle for Wolverine. It isn’t really a lot like the chopper we usually see Wolverine riding. Truth be told, it’s more like a dirt bike. Still, it’s only made up of seven of the 201 pieces, so I’m not complaining.

This set is $19.99 at Walmart and Target and I think that’s a pretty good value for 201 pieces. It didn’t take me a lot of time to build, but it was fun and there weren’t many redundant steps and that helps keep things interesting. Honestly, I would have almost been happy enough with these three minifigs alone. I really do love them all that much. But the helicopter and bike are nice vehicles and versatile enough to be used in a lot of other Lego series. But most important… I got me a Deadpool minifigure!!!

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