Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics: Michelangelo by Playmates

In case you missed it during the week, I’m bumping Vintage Vault to tomorrow because I interrupted the regular flow of Turtle Week with some jubilation over DCUC continuing for another year Matty Collector news. It worked out well too since I’m going to be out drinking heavily today to acknowledge the fact that, much to the joy of toy companies everywhere, today was the day I was spawned upon the universe. I say it worked out well because after looking at three of the four turtles already, Michelangelo won’t hold too many surprises, and I can wrap this up pretty quick. So let’s get to it. The last verse is the same as the first… more or less.

Packaging… It’s awesome. Nothing more to say here, except “holy shit, Amazon really bent the crap out of my card!” Seriously, Amazon is a great resource for buying hard-to-find individual figures, especially if you have the Prime free shipping options. They’re rapidly becoming one of my regular go-to sources. But I wouldn’t buy anything from them that I expected to keep in the package. All four turtles were just tossed into a box, slapped on the ass, and sent along their merry way.

Ok, so Mikey’s body is the same as Raph’s, including the lack of the baldric-shoulder strap thingy. He has slots on the back of his belt to hold his nunchuks and the usual personalized initial on the belt buckle that is both sculpted and painted. Naturally his eyemask, kneepads, elbowpads, and wrist wraps are all orange. Aside from those differences, this is the same body we’ve seen with the same excellent 34 points of articulation. For the details on articulation, check out the feature on Leonardo.

Mikey’s head is probably the least angry looking of the bunch, most likely because he isn’t showing any teeth. However, he still looks like he’s determined to put his head through a brick wall. And fear not, his eyes are just fine.

Mikey’s nunchuks are my favorite of all the Turtles’ weapons because Playmates went and used real chain links rather than just a length of bendy plastic. It really makes all the difference in the world and they look great as well as fit snugly into their holsters on the back of the figure’s belt. I suppose you can argue that it’s harder to pose them since they just droop in his hands, but I still prefer the actual chain links. And yep, you also get the manhole cover stand with Michelangelo’s name printed on it. Awesome!


And that wraps up Playmates Classic Turtles. Leo’s eyes notwithstanding, I am really so amazed and impressed with these guys. I’m amazed that they are actually being sold in some stores and not just as some kind of wonky collector based subscription deal (I’m looking at you, Matty!) and impressed that Playmates could pull themselves together and produce this sort of quality product. I love the fact that they brought back one of their best and brightest properties and gave it the love it deserved, and while I’m not holding my breath, it would be really great to see another case assortment of four Classic figures with April, Splinter, Shredder, and Casey Jones. I can dream. I’m going to take some time to catch up on other stuff over the next couple weeks and then we’ll be swinging back to take a look at some of the Turtles figures based on the new Nick toon!

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