Avengers: Hawkeye by Hasbro

Yeah, I’m still busy assembling my 3 ¾” Avengers collection and Hawkeye is the second to the last of the core team I needed. I’m passing on that terrible Hulk figure and will be content with using one of my Marvel Universe Hulks as a stand in, although I may yet buy one of the Thors sans helmet and cape. Unlike Black Widow, Hawkeye was a take him or leave him figure for me. I wasn’t going to pay a premium, and if I didn’t get him I wasn’t going to lose any sleep over it, but the action figure gods were good to me and I found him hanging on a peg during my last trip to Target. Good thing too, because this guy turned out to be a pretty cool figure…

Avengers packaging… is there anything else to be said? Wait a minute… “Three Launching Arrows?” Holy shit, they turned Hawkeye’s signature weapon into a big, obnoxious missile launcher? Ah, but fear not, panic is not warranted. There’s an extra bow in there allowing me to immediately toss the launching bow and arrows into the dreaded Junk Tote of Doom never to be seen again. The back of the card has the usual little bio blurb that points out that Hawkeye’s skill with a bow is unrivaled in all the world and that he can hang with the Avengers. Hawkeye, I love ya to death, but I don’t care how good you are with a bow and how many gimmicky arrows you have… you’re still a bug compared to Thor and Hulk.

Hasbro really did a bang up job on Hawkeye’s sculpt. The head does look a little bit meaty to me, or maybe the neck a bit too thin, but it’s not something that cripples the figure’s looks. I will concede that if I look at him just right, he kind of looks like an adult Fred Savage. (“I love the Infinity Gauntlet… It’s so bad!”) Seriously, though, I think the likeness is pretty solid for a figure in this scale, and I’m glad they went with the shades that add to his bad-assery. And I hope y’all bought tickets to the gun show, because Hasbro really packed in the detail to the sculpted muscles in his arms. The outfit has some very nice little details, particularly the little buckles, zippers, and the SHIELD emblems are well done and everything is painted really sharp. His quiver is a sculpted piece that is permanently attached to his back.

Hawkeye sports the limited articulation that most of the movie Avengers figures feature. You get a ball jointed neck, ball jointed shoulders, and ball jointed hips. The knees and elbows are hinged. There’s still some decent poseability to be had here, but it’s tough to get Hawkeye into a decent pose where he’s firing his bow.

Speaking of bows, Hawkeye comes with his ridiculous oversized missile firing bow and he also has the smaller bow that most collectors will keep for display. It’s a simple enough piece, but he can hold it pretty well.

Like I said at the beginning, I’m glad I was able to pick this guy up at a good price, because I wouldn’t have paid a premium for him, and then would have missed out on having a very solid figure in my collection. He looks great on display with his fellow 3 ¾” Avengers and like Black Widow he’s not a bad stand in for a GI JOE display. He seems to be hitting the stores with a little more regularity now, although I had to dig through quite a few Captain America and Iron Man 2 figures to get him. Yes, Iron Man 2 figures. Sheesh!

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