Marvel Legends: Yellowjacket by Hasbro

I’ll be frank: The wait for the next wave of Marvel Legends is killing me. To remedy that, I’ve been trawling some of my old haunts and picking up some of the older Marvel Legends figures that I wanted back into my collection. Yeah, selling these things off was not one of my better moves. As a result, I’ll be looking at a lot of these in the coming months leading up to the release of the next Wave. Today we’re checking out one of my favorite Marvel characters, the deliciously flawed and deeply complex Hank Pym as his Yellowjacket persona.

Hasbro’s earlier package design for the Marvel Legends wasn’t that bad, but it isn’t as delightfully obnoxious as the current style. Nonetheless, the principal is the same with the character art on the upper left corner and various comic panel shots running down the right of the bubble. Yellowjacket was part of the series of figures needed to build The Blob. By the time Hasbro took the line over from Toy Biz, I was cherry picking the figures so I never did get to build The Blob, and in fairness it wasn’t really a BAF that would have made me buy figures I didn’t want.

Out of the package and we have Yellowjacket in all his glory. The majority of the figure is a simple painted buck, although the torso has his trademark shoulder pieces sculpted in and they look pretty darn good. I’m very pleased with the head sculpt here, particularly the antenna and the yellowed out eyes as opposed to Pym’s eyes peeking through the mask. Don’t ask me why, I just like this look better.

The paint on my figure is pretty solid, and I really like the shade of yellow plastic used here, far better than the gold-yellow used on the Marvel Universe figure. The paint on his belt looks a bit like a sloppy afterthought, but the emblem on his chest is pretty crisp. From sculpt to paint deco, this version really captures the character for me.

As a Hasbro figure, Yellowjacket doesn’t have the insane amount of articulation as the Toy Biz line, but there’s still a very good effort here. He has a ball jointed neck. His arms feature shoulder hinges built into the torso, in addition to ball jointed shoulders. He has double hinges in the elbows, hinged wrists, and swivels in both the biceps and the forearms. His legs feature ball joints at the hips, double hinges at the knees, hinges at the ankles and the middle of the feet, and swivels in the hips and lower legs. He also has rocker joints in the ankles for those wide stances.  His torso swivels at the waist and has an ab crunch hinge. No, not too shabby.

Usually when I think back to Hasbro’s first attempt at Marvel Legends I don’t have fond memories of the experience. But I guess it’s easy to forget that for every shitty movie Jean Grey you got a solid figure like Yellowjacket. Ok, maybe the ratio wasn’t exactly one-to-one, but I’m interested to see how many of these earlier Hasbro efforts impress or disappoint me, as it’s been quite a few years since I’ve owned any. Either way, Yellowjacket really hits all the right points. What’s more, he looks perfect standing alongside the newer figures and contemplating why no one called him to be in the Avengers movie.

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