Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael (Nickelodeon) by Playmates

It’s Day Three of our look at the new Nick TV series turtles, and that brings us to Raphael. This may be my favorite of these turtles so far. Let’s take a look…

I still love the packages here. Once again, a lot of love and forethought went into their design with a little retro styling and some of that new-fangled hip Nickelodeon wackiness. The front bubble features an insert proclaiming Raphael as “Hot-Head and Sharp Sai Expert” and doesn’t that just say it all? The back panel has the usual clip-out File Card. Woof! I still don’t like the portraits of the Turtles’ TV counterparts. You also get a bunch of photos of other figures in this line.

As with Leo and Don, Raph features both unique sculpting and some clever reuse of parts. The legs are more or less the same throughout, while the arms seem to be mixed and matched throughout the set. I’m still digging on all the little details on the limbs, like the crisscross pattern in the hand and foot wraps, and the leathery texture sculpted right into the turtle skin. The torso features an all new array of scrapes and nicks on the shell, including one pretty cool looking chip right out of his breastplate. The belt is new and features two slots in the back to store Raph’s pair of sai. The head sculpt is brimming with awesome. Raph is definitely the most pissed looking of all the Turtles, showing off all his teeth and furling his brow. I’m also particularly fond of the sculpt on his eye mask and the way it’s whipping off to the side. The sculpting on his teeth is also very impressive. It’s downright amazing how much effort Playmates put into sculpting the details on these guys.

The coloring here is just as good as on Leo and Don. Again, most of the coloring is in the plastic, with some secondary paint applied. Raph has the dark brown foot wraps and light cream colored hand wraps. His skin is molded in dark green plastic and the paintwork on his eyes, teeth, and mask are all really well executed.

By now, we know the drill for articulation. The neck and shoulders are ball jointed. The arms have hinges at the elbows and there are swivels at both the elbows and the wrists. For the legs, you get hinges and swivels in the hips and knees.

Raph comes with his pair of trusty sai, which can be stowed in the slots in the back of his belt, and they look really cool when stored on his back. He also has the sprue tree containing the rest of his Ninja Arsenal. All of his weapons are cast in grey.

I think Raph is my favorite so far mainly because of his head sculpt and his deep green skin color. I also really like that chip taken out of his breast plate. It really gives him a lot of character. His weapons are also very cool, fit well in his hands, and look great when stored on his back. So far, there’s really been no downside to any of these figures, but Raph’s personality just shines through exceptionally well. And that leaves us just one more Turtle… tomorrow we’ll take a look at Michelangelo.

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