Xena Weekend Begins!!!

And it’s a four-day weekend too! Running today through Monday, we’ll be venturing into some new territory.
First, a disclaimer! I did not watch Xena: Warrior Princess. No, seriously, I didn’t! I remember trying to watch an episode with Bruce Campbell in it, but even his delightful antics and the aggressively cute Renee O’Connor, could not get me to muscle through it. It’s not that I’m a TV snob. Hey, I’m not afraid to admit that I own the complete Buffy: The Vampire Slayer on DVD. So if ya’ll liked watching Xena, good for you, but it just wasn’t my bag. Of course, that didn’t stop me from picking up a bunch of the Xena figures that Toy Biz did back in the late 90’s. What? Resist buying hot warrior chick action figures on clearance? Not likely. I’m only human.

But yes, the scary fact is that I’ve got too many of these figures to do them all in one weekend, so I’m just going to cover four of the 6-inch Collector’s Series, all of which, I believe, are from the first series. The rest will have to wait until I’m drunk enough ready to do another Xena Weekend, or sometime when I can just sprinkle them in with the usual weekly retinue. As already mentioned, this means that this lesbian warrior madness will continue on through Monday. I’ll be back later on to kick things off with a look at the Warrior Princess herself.

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