Xena: Callisto “Callisto” by Toy Biz

I know, it’s Monday, I should be starting something new, but I wanted to knock out just one more Xena figure so we could put the entirety of this initial four figure assortment to bed. Today we’re venturing into foreign territory with a character I know nothing about. Granted, having not watched much of the show, I don’t know a lot about any of the characters, but at least I knew who Xena and Gabrielle were. All I know about Callisto is that she’s a blonde bombshell and one of the villains of the piece. After looking at three figures in this series, I’ll do my best to get through this one with a bit more brevity.

The packaging! We know what to expect by now and carded Callisto holds no surprises. The insert on the bubble tells us she comes from the self-titled episode, “Callisto” and that she comes sporting some kind of “Spinning Attack” action. The back panel shows a crappy illustration of the action gimmick at work and gives us a little synopsis of her episode. Since this is likely the last time we’ll see this packaging for a while, I’ll say once again that it’s practical and looks good, at least from the front.

Right off the bat, Callisto takes me back to the first Xena figure we looked at, and that’s a very good thing. She’s not really pre-posed, although you do need to put one leg behind the other, slightly bent at the knee, in order for her to stand on her own. The body sculpt is absolutely fantastic. Her black armor is painted with silver details and a lot of the outfit is sculpted separately and layered over the figure, which is mostly molded in flesh tone. This design makes for a great looking and very detailed figure. Callisto’s armor includes a functional sword scabbard on her back and a functional dagger sheath on her hip.

I keep waffling back and forth over Callisto’s head sculpt. On the one hand, it’s a fairly good likeness of the actress who portrays her on the show. On the other hand, she has this really goofy smile. In the end, I’m going to say I like it more than I dislike it, and perhaps even find it strangely attractive.

Also like the first Xena figure, Callisto’s action gimmick is not part of the figure, so there’s nothing to mar the figure’s adequate articulation. Her head turns side to side, her arms feature ball joints in the shoulders, her legs have cuts at the hips and her knees and ankles are hinged.


Callisto comes with a butt load of gear. You get a sword and dagger that fit into the functional scabbard and sheath. You also get a pole dancing fighting staff, and some kind of nunchuck style weapon that has three batons instead of two. The sword is the same one that came with the first Xena figure, and it’s a nice enough piece that I don’t mind the recycling. The dagger, on the other hand, is different from the one that came with the second Xena figure we looked at, so that’s nice. Another cool thing about Callisto is that her hands are actually sculpted to hold her weapons, so you don’t have to rely on pegging them into the figure’s hands.

You also get the base, which holds the figure’s action gimmick. It looks a lot like the base that came with the first Xena figure, which is very cool. The big difference is this one just has a couple of foot pegs on it and you wind it up, press the button and it spins the figure around. It’s a goofy gimmick, but I don’t mind since it doesn’t compromise the figure and can be used as a fantastic display stand.

Callisto offers plenty to love. She’s a great looking figure, she’s got serviceable articulation, she comes with a load of great weapons, and a killer display stand. Not every figure in this assortment was a winner, but Callisto and the first Xena can certainly hang together on my display shelf any day. They’re almost too good to be early 90’s Toy Biz product, and they certainly make me wish that Toy Biz had been able to deliver the same consistency throughout this entire line. I do have some of the second assortment in the 6-inch Collector line, but there’s only one in there that I have ever been tempted to open, so I’m not sure I’ll be looking at those any time soon. As I hinted at in the Gabrielle feature, I do have a number of the 12-inch Collector dolls action figures, and I’ll be sure to roll them out the next time things get slow around here.
Tomorrow, we’ll move on to the subject at hand for the remainder of the week. And that subject is DC Direct and Identity Crisis!

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