Star Trek: Mugatu and Harry Mudd by Playmates

On Wednesday, we looked at a couple of the ladies of Starfleet and today we’re going to check out some of the baddies from The Original Series: The Mugato and Harry Mudd.


Both figures come on the same style card with “Star Trek” in the old movie-style logo. Obviously, Playmates is trying to aggravate my OCD by using the movie logo for Classic Trek figures and using the Classic Trek logo for movie style figures. Even more confusing is the fact that The Mugatu gets his own Skybox Collector Card, but Harry doesn’t!  What the hell, Playmates? What the hell? Either way, I’m so glad I open these things, so I can toss the packaging and forget all about it. Let’s start with The Mugatu.

The Mugatu was featured in the excellent episode, “A Private Little War” in which the Klingons were screwing around with the development of life on a primitive planet. I am in no way ashamed to admit that when I first saw the Mugatu it totally scared the piss out of me. Sure, it’s just a guy in a white ape suit with a horn on his head, but even when I was a little older and they used to show Classic Trek re-runs at midnight, that thing creeped me the hell out. I’m happy to say that Playmates managed to translate all that creepiness into this little sculpt. The face really is spot-on, the hair is sculpted all over his body, and he even has ugly ape hands and ape feet. What’s more, Mugatu is the first Playmates Trek figure I’ve ever had to assemble. He comes with his spine and tail as a separate piece, which plugs into a slot on his back.

The Mugatu actually comes with accessories, all cast in a muddy brown plastic. You get a clutch of Mako Root, which looks like a pile of turds. You also get a drum and a hand phaser, both of which look like they were sculpted out of a pile of turds. The Flintlock isn’t too bad, and he comes with a unique figure stand.

The Mugatu features only five points of articulation. You get standard head, shoulders and hips. It’s not great, but it’s just enough to put him into some pretty good mauling poses.

Harry Mudd was one of many colorful no-good-niks that crossed paths with The Enterprise crew, but he was special in that he had actually got to come back for a repeat performance. Part loveable rake, part murderous bastard, he was a great character that I would love to see revisited in the 2009 reboot films. Personally, I think JJ Abrams missed a huge opportunity not going with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Mudd. That stuff practically writes itself.

Mudd’s sculpt is pretty solid. In the series, Mudd was played by Roger Carmel, a prolific performer who also leant his voice to some other iconic toy characters, like Cyclonus of G1 Transformers fame. In truth, the figure looks more like Carmel if he played the role as a baby but kept his mustache and comb-over. Still, there’s no guessing as to who he’s supposed to be, thanks to his iconic costume and mustache. Yes, he’s got his billowy blue swashbuckling shirt, complete with medals and epaulets, and the sculpting and paintwork on his comb-over is hilarious. I’d say Playmates did a solid job capturing what the character is all about.

Mudd shares all the same points of articulation as the rest of the Trek crew. You get a head that turns, arms and legs that rotate at the shoulders and hips, swivel cuts in the biceps, and hinges in the knees and elbows.

Mudd’s accessories are all molded in red plastic. You get a case of the Venus Drug, a ridiculous red Starfleet Communicator, and a couple of Lithium Crystals, which look like absolutely nothing. You also get a goblet, which is kind of ok. Oddly enough, Mudd comes with a Starfleet-style figure stand.

I’ve had this pair on my Want List for quite a while and it’s good to finally have them in my collection. The old adage says always leave fans wanting more, and while Playmates produced more Classic Trek figures than I could have ever dreamed possible, this pair really makes me wish they had produced more of the one-off baddies that appeared in the various episodes.

And that wraps up this Star Trek Week. Unfortunately, I only got to cover about half of the Trek stuff that I picked up at the Toy Show, so we’ll have to come back to it either in another Trek Week or just here and there. This weekend I’m going to circle back to some of the Transformers Prime figures I still have waiting around, specifically Dreadwing and Bulkhead, and then next week we’ll dip into some of the other, Non-Trek, stuff I picked up at the Show.

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