FigureFan’s Collectibles & Toy Show Excursion Week!

[Hey guys! It seems like an eternity since I was at this Toy Show. You see, this week was originally supposed to be last week, but with the Matty Collector Haul coming in when it did, I bumped it from last week to this week. Got it? Good! Let’s go…]

Toy Shows are a pretty big deal for me, because I live in a pretty crappy area for toy hunting. Every once in a while the local Expo Hall or Fairgrounds does an Antique/Collectibles/Flea Market type show that advertises toys and I go and have a gander. These almost always turn out to be a huge disappointment, with tables of cobbled together 12-inch GI Joes, incomplete Megos, and lots of beat-to-hell metal trains and cars. If I can find a dealer selling figures, I’ll sometimes wind up buying a couple things just so I don’t leave empty handed, but for the most part, all I get out of it is a cold hot dog and a warm can of soda. One of the few things I miss about living in the Northeast was you could find shows like this every couple of months, but down here? Bubkis!

This show, however, was considerably better, as this was an actual “Toy & Collectible Show” and it lived up to its name. There were tables with shiny mint-in-package goodies, totes full of loose crap, and everything in between! I found some really cool stuff that I needed for my collection, and some other stuff I bought just because the prices were really good and I thought I might like writing about them. A couple of weeks ago I covered about half of my Star Trek haul from the show, so this week I’ll be covering some of the other stuff I picked up.

On a depressing side note, I had a chat with one of the fellows that organized it and he said it was unlikely to be a repeat performance. He said it was a big hassle to get the dealers to come and that the first day of the show produced disappointing interest and not much in the way of sales. I can’t say as I’m surprised due to the geriatric nature of the community here, but I would have been really happy had it blossomed into an annual gig.

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