Charmed Series 2: Paige by SOTA

And we’re back to check out another one of the lovely ladies from Charmed, a show that I have never seen and know next to nothing about. But, hey, if I could do this for Xena’s figures than why not for these gals? Series 2 sees the same three girls in some kind of skimpy pagan witch outfits, and who am I to argue with that? This time we’re checking out Paige, and she comes with a piece of the Series 2 display set.

SOTA has changed up the packaging a bit, but as we’ll see, there are a number of significant differences between this Series and the first one. This time, the figure comes in a sealed clamshell, which displays everything quite nicely. Originally, I was under the impression that these were some kind of convention exclusives, but the $14.95 price tag makes me think otherwise.

According to the great celluloid oracle known as IMDB, Paige is played by Rose McGowan and amazingly enough this isn’t the first time the actress has been given the action figure treatment. I guess SOTA’s figure looks a little bit like her. I’ll confess she looks rather stoned, but otherwise, she has a pretty good head sculpt with some precise paintwork. The hair is sculpted and left just above her shoulders so as not to interfere with the neck articulation.

The rest of the body sculpt looks like Paige is cosplaying Leela from Doctor Who. Her outfit consists of a necklace, a leather bikini top and a soft plastic skirt. She has wrist bracers and armor plates on her boots. There’s nothing outrageously noteworthy here, except for maybe the boots that really capture a kind of calfskin finish particularly well. The aesthetics of the body sculpt are definitely affected by the increased articulation. And speaking of articulation…

Yeah, the first thing I noticed about the figure is that SOTA didn’t half-ass the articulation in this second series. Paige is fully articulated, and I mean fully. You get ball joint in the neck and shoulders, and the arms now feature double hinged elbows, as well as swivels in the biceps and wrists. Below the waist you get ball jointed hips with swivels, and the legs feature double hinges in the knees, hinged ankles, and there are even hinges in her feet. The elbow and knee hinges are constructed with plates to try to lessen the unsightliness of the hinges, but because this figure shows a lot of skin, points of articulation really intrude.

The paintwork here is pretty iffy, mainly because I’m not at all happy with the flesh tone, which looks more ashen than natural. In fact, it makes her look sort of dead. The paint also flakes and rubs quite a bit near her joints. All of these issues conspire to make what could have been a very attractive figure rather awkward.

As with the Series 1 Phoebe figure, Series 2 Paige is almost overshadowed by her diorama pieces. You get a dungeon-like stone wall with a torch, a floor piece, a box, and a chair with a pillow. According to the pics on the back of the package, the three girls are supposed to sit on their chairs raised up on the box. I’m thinking the dungeon backdrop will make for some good Classic Who dioramas, which brings me back to the real reason I probably bought this figure.

These Charmed figures definitely illustrate the fact that you can’t always have it all. Phoebe was a better looking figure with severely limited articulation. Paige is a superbly articulated figure, but the aesthetics suffer for it. Honestly, though, if Paige had been given a proper flesh tone paintjob, rather than looking like she’s either made of stone or grey zombie flesh, I think she would have been greatly improved. As it stands, I’m just glad to have her display pieces. Now, whether or not I’ll ever pony up for the other figures to finish it, well that remains to be seen.

And that wraps up my Toy Show Excursion Week. I didn’t get to everything, but I’m anxious to move on to some other things, so I’ll be parading out the rest of the stuff in the weeks ahead. I do have a few other themed weeks planned, but I’m holding off for a while because it’s been a while since I just spent some time randomly whittling away on my pile of new acquisitions.

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