Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Foot Soldier (Nickelodeon) by Playmates

Ok, one more Turtles feature and then I’m moving on to randomness for the rest of the week. I had originally planned to do a double feature on April and the Foot Soldier, because I didn’t think I had a whole hell of a lot to say about either of these figures. But then I kind of got all ranty on April, so that’s why we’re getting to look at Foot Soldier all by his lonesome. It’s not that this is a bad figure. Not at all. But he’s a faceless minion for the Turtles to beat up, so he obviously doesn’t have a lot of the same personality and excitement as some of the others. Either way, it’s Monday and I’m in the doldrums, so let’s press on and see what he’s all about.

The packaging! Blah, blah, I love the packaging! Blah, blah. I want to meet it at a bar and buy it a couple of drinks and take it home and tell it how great it is. If you want to see some more in depth thoughts about these packages check out my past Turtles features. To sum it up quick and dirty: Playmates, you done good here.

Does anyone remember the early proto shots of this figure? Remember those goddamn crazy swirly eyes? If you don’t, you can look really closely on any of the Wave 1 packages where they show the other figures, including this one, and you’ll see what I mean. Well thankfully, those didn’t make it into the final figure. In the end Playmates went with a simple red paint job over a sculpt that makes the eyes look rather insectoid. It’s an odd choice, either way, but it looks appropriately creepy.

Apart from the averted eye disaster, the Foot Soldier is a pretty solid looking figure. I like the cheesy foot emblem on his headband, and the overly stylized forearms and lower legs don’t bother me as much as I thought they would. There’s a hint of sculpted detail to his outfit, but it’s kind of soft. As a minion, this guy certainly gets by.

Articulation is very simple. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders and hips, and his arms can swivel just below the elbows. He can also swivel at the waist. The common idea among mass market action figure design these days seems is to cut articulation. Playmates was able to retain it for the Turtles, but everyone else, including the Foot Soldier here, conforms to the prevailing strategy. I was still able to have some fun futzing about with him, but the lack of hinges in the elbows and knees is sorely missed.

While the package proclaims the inclusion of a “Ninja Arsenal,” the reality is somewhat different. You don’t get a cool sprue tree loaded with weapons, like we did with the Turtles and with April. Instead you get a couple of swords and a couple of throwing stars. Footsy here has a set of functional scabbards that peg into his back and hold his two swords very nicely. The swords are simple molded black pieces that he can hold in either hand. He also comes with a set of throwing stars, which he can also hold surprisingly well. So, not a lot of gear, but what’s here is good. But let’s face it, he could have come with a bazooka and he wouldn’t have stood a chance against the Turtles.

Overall, I like this figure well enough. There’s just something about this line that is so much fun and endearing to me. He’s nothing crazy special, but for the going price of these figures, he’s a decent enough goon for the Turtles to beat on. Then again, with the lack of articulation and paint apps, it seems like he should have been offered up in an army builder two-pack for just a couple of dollars more. I will likely pick up one more of these just so I can have them flanking my Shredder on the shelf, but on my next pass through the toy aisle, I’m going to start grabbing the Wave 2 figures.


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