Lego Minifigs Series 8 Crapshoot #1

It’s Christmas time and that means a huge stocking stuffer dump bin at Target full of blind bagged minifigs from Lego.

Those of you who have been kicking around my little corner of the web may know that I haven’t exactly been rabid in my pursuit of Lego’s devilish little bagged toy lottery. In fact, I’ve skipped some of the series all together. But when I’m dashing in to buy me a bottle of holiday spirits and cashews, it’s hard not to grab a handful of these things and try my luck. This trip, a handful constitutes three. I actually had more than that, but I bought a particularly good bottle that day and had to put a couple back on account of being short a couple of bobs. It’s the Holidays and monies are tight! The other great thing about these little guys is they give me some quick and easy content for what has been a really busy and tiring week. Ok, let’s see how I made out with blind bag number one…

OH HELLS YES! I hit the pirate on number one! I suppose you could argue that there are a few other figures in this series that are on par with the pirate, but you can’t tell me that the pirate isn’t on the top of everyone’s want list. If you try to tell me that, I’ll have you pegged for a filthy liar. Get it? Pegged? Pirate. ARRRRR!

This little guy is a thousand shades of awesome. The printing on his torso and hat are both very cool and his face is very piratey as well. I think it’s funny that he hit the unfortunate jackpot of having every single cliché pirate deformity. “Hey, I got me a mate who’s a pirate. He be missing a leg, an arm, and an eye.” “Arrr, really? What’s his name?” “His name be Lucky!” “ARRRRR HAR HAR HARRRRRR!” Lucky comes with the ubiquitous minifig stand and a little golden cutlass. Pure win, my friends. Pure win. Let’s see how we make out with blind bag number two…

Umm… DJ Guy? I have very little opinion on DJ Guy, other than I see no reason for him to exist. Unless you happen to actually know a DJ in which case this makes for the best Christmas gift three dollars can buy. The record and album cover are actually kind of cool, and are a nice nod back to a couple of previous minifigs, but I really got nothing else to say about him. So… indifference… baggie number two contained indifference. Let’s try for three…

OH FUCK! It’s the football guy. Of course after opening the first bag, I looked at the checklist to get an idea of who I wanted and who I didn’t. Football Guy was top of my “Don’t Want” list. He’s actually pretty well designed, but a generic Football guy just seems like a waste. Make a set of Minifigs with actual NFL uniforms and you may have my interest there, Lego. But look who I’m talking to. Lego isn’t even an American company so what do they know about Football? Even the trophy he comes with seems kind of out of place. It looks like he just bowled a straight game while wearing Football gear. Blah!

Oddly enough today’s outing demonstrated the three potential reactions to opening a Minifig blind bag: Joy, Indifference, and Disappointment. It was pretty convenient for the purposes of this feature and I swear these were the only three I opened so nothing was rigged. I’d wager that I’ll pick up another handful of these before the Holiday season passes us by. There are a couple of figures on that checklist I’m really eager to get.

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