Marvel Legends Week!

Lest you thought I forgot about Marvel Legends Wave 3 I present you a week’s worth of Marvel Legends Wave 3 goodness! While only two figures from Wave 3 have appeared on the pegs in my area, I was able to snag the remaining figures when Amazon had them on special for around $13 each. Toss in my free Prime shipping and it was quite an amazing deal. Now, keep in mind, when I say “remaining figures” in truth I now only have a set of one of each of the wave, and none of the variants, so I’ve still got some hunting to do. I’m hoping they turn up in abundance later on like the Wave 2 variants did. I should also point out here that Hasbro opted out of including a Build-A-Figure in the Wave 3 assortment, although word is the BAF will eventually be coming back to the line in some form.

Of course, it’s also Christmas Eve, and that’s another reason why I chose to do this week now. I’ve already looked at two figures from Wave 3, so I can do re-runs of those figures tomorrow on Christmas Day. Ain’t I a sneaky bastard? I’ll be officially back from holidays on Wednesday when we check out U.S. Agent!

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