Star Trek: Tosk and Hunter of Tosk by Playmates

It took me a good couple of seasons to really accept The Next Generation as the great show that it is, but Deep Space Nine? Well, that was love at first sight. While TNG was still cooking in it’s first season, I’d argue that Deep Space Nine was served ready to eat. Except for maybe “Move Along Home.” That episode was pure shit. If anything my adoration for DS9 may have tarnished a bit as later seasons of the show moved from the familiar one-off episodes formula to the focus on story arcs. Nonetheless, it produced a ton of great characters and aliens, many of which never got their proper due from Playmates’ 4.5” line. WHERE’S MY MICHAEL EDDINGTON, YOU BASTARDS??? WHY DID YOU USE THAT PLASTIC TO MAKE THE TRAVELER INSTEAD???

Today’s figures are both from the excellent episode “Captive Pursuit” (Season 1, Episode 6), a story that serves as a prime directive example of why I loved DS9 right out of the gate. Besides being thoroughly entertaining, “Captive Pursuit” serves to establish a lot of Chief O’Brien’s character; it introduces us to a brand new and bizarre alien culture from beyond the wormhole, and illustrates just how blurred the line between right and wrong can be when operating on the frontier in a non-Federation system. We get to see both Sisko and O’Brien struggle with moral ambiguities and the idea of doing what’s right even if it means diplomatically wrecking a First Contact scenario. Great stuff!

As an example of just how out of control Playmate’s juggernaut of 4.5” Star Trek figures eventually became, here we’ve got two figures from the same episode, released under different series. Tosk was released as part of the Deep Space Nine line, while Hunter of Tosk came out under the generic Star Trek moniker. I pity anyone who collects these figures MOSC and has to worry about cataloguing them according to priorities and series. The packaging for my Tosk figure is long since gone, but I’m tearing open The Hunter for this feature, so at least I can give you an in-package shot of him. The Hunter comes with his own Pog… oops, I mean “Space Cap.” [Comic Book Guy] Oddly, enough the “Space Cap” reads:  “Hunter of the Tosk” and is at odds with the card itself, which more properly reads: “Hunter of Tosk.” [/Comic Book Guy] Either way, I preferred the Skybox Collector Cards to the Pogs. Let’s start off with Tosk himself.

Despite the overly stylized designs of many of Playmates’ figures, Tosk features a spot on likeness to the actor in makeup from the episode. The rest of the body is just a textured jumpsuit with black piping, and his exposed skin around his neck and his forearms is sculpted with scales. For what is essentially a very simple figure, I really love the way he turned out. In fact, I’d go so far as to say Playmates nailed Tosk far better than they did some of the major characters.

Tosk features all the necessary accessories. You get his neck collar and leash, his crossbow-style blaster, and HOLY CRAP I FINALLY HAVE A RAKTAJINO MUG!!! I’ve got a lot of DS9 figures, and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I got a Raktajino mug when the truth is almost every figure should have come with one of these! Sorry, Tosk, that’s going to Chief O’Brien or Dax… or maybe Kira or Sisko. Sure, all of Tosk’s accessories are molded in blue plastic, but somehow it doesn’t bother me all that much here. Tosk also comes with a figure stand, which is a basic disc with an illustrated wormhole sticker on it, and a Space Cap.

The Hunter, on the other hand, is a solid figure, but I’m not as impressed with his head sculpt. It’s not bad, it’s certainly on par with most of Playmates’ efforts, but when compared to the likeness on Tosk, The Hunter’s portrait just comes up a little wanting.  The uniform, on the other hand, hits all the right points. The two-tone red is great and the detail sculpted into the belt and bandolier strap is solid work.

The Hunter’s gear is appropriately sculpted in grey plastic. Amazing but true! He comes with the same crossbow-style blaster as Tosk, a clip-on wrist computer, and his removable helmet. Yeeeeah, about the helmet. The sculpt would be accurate to the prop used on the show, but it’s all oversized to fit the figure’s oversized head. I guess it looks ok, so long as you don’t actually compare the figure with a screen capture from the episode. I do like the choice of a sticker for the visor. The Hunter also comes with the same figure stand as Tosk.

Both figures feature the same points of articulation. The arms rotate at the shoulders, have swivels in the biceps, and hinges in the elbows. The legs rotate at the hips and have hinges in the knees, they can each swivel at the waist and turn their heads. All in all, not bad for 90’s Playmates.

While I would like to go back in time and enslave the Playmates factory workers into satisfying my list of wanted DS9 figures, the truth is there are just some things that I need to learn to let go. Thankfully, Tosk and The Hunter aren’t among them. I love this episode and I’m particularly thankful to get this pair of figures from it. For a while, I secretly hoped The Hunters might turn out to be Dominon Shock Troopers , but sadly we never did see them again. At least I have my figures and they turned out pretty well. In fact, I’ll likely pick up two more Hunters when I can find them loose and cheap.

One comment on “Star Trek: Tosk and Hunter of Tosk by Playmates

  1. Just re-reading some old Playmates reviews.
    Good stuff here! I, too, LOVED the Hunter & Tosk episodes! Gotta love Chief O’Brien.

    Have a great day, FFZ.

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