Galaxy Squad: Swarm Interceptor (#70701) by Lego

As promised, I’m back to look at more Galaxy Squad, and this one is the next size up from yesterday’s set. The Swarm Interceptor gives the Galaxy Squad something with a little teeth to fight back with against the Space Swarmer.

A bigger box and some cool artwork showing the ship in action as well as illustrating its many play features. Inside the box you get an instruction booklet, a sticker sheet, and two numbered baggies containing 218 plastic bits. When all is said and done you build the Swam Interceptor, a small buggy rocket sled and two minifigs. What shall we start with? MINIFIGS!!

As expected, you get a bug and a human. The bug is extremely cool with a unique head sculpt that includes a pair of tiny bendy antenna. These things may qualify as the smallest Lego pieces I’ve ever seen and one of them very nearly got tossed with the empty baggies. He has a nicely detailed printed body, a pair of translucent neon green wings and a zap gun. I like the fact that the bug aliens are all different. The one in the last set looked more like a larva guy, this one looks like a wasp guy. Cool!

The Galaxy Squad guy is pretty generic but I like him nonetheless. He’s got a printed body, a removable helmet and two printed faces, one of which has some kind of breather mask. He’s pretty similar to the guys from the Alien Conquest series. In fact he’s wearing the exact same helmet. I’m cool with that. I think Lego killed Alien Conquest too soon, so I appreciate that these sets can hang together.

I was a little worried the Interceptor would be too derivative of the Space Police ships, but it took just a little time with this set to realize that wasn’t going to be the case. Don’t get me wrong, this ship would look fine bulking out your Space Police armada, but there have obviously been a lot of creative advances in Lego’s starship design teams over the last couple of years. At first glance, this ship may look a little generic. It’s clean, it’s efficient, it’s a one-seater fast attack ship with a cockpit up front and wings in the back. But Lego also packed a lot of play gimmicks into the design, and every one of them is a homerun.

First off, the cockpit portion of the ship has a gyroscope feature so that no matter what position the back of the ship is in, the cockpit is always oriented the same way. You can spin the whole back of the ship if you hold onto the cockpit. I don’t know why I love this gimmick so much, but I do. Secondly, the wings are multi-positional, so you can fold them all the way down and rest the ship on them like landing gear, put them straight out, or even angle them down into a classic Bird of Prey configuration. There’s a cleverly hidden missile launcher that flips up out of the back and the front cockpit can detach from the rest of the ship, fold out it’s little wings and become a little fighter. This last feature reminds me of the whole Hyperspace Ring design used for the Jedi Starfighters.

If I were a cynic I’d cry foul at Lego for being so lazy and using the whole rocket sled motif so often for their smaller vehicles. We’ve seen this thing a hundred times from Atlantis to Alien Conquest to Space Police and even in the Chitari had them in the Marvel Super Heroes Avengers-based sets. Oh, wait, those were actually in the movie. Still, my point holds. Nonetheless, it’s a perfectly fine little vehicle and I’ll grant you that Lego certainly customized it to fit perfectly into this new line, right down to the little translucent wings that hang off the back.

I haven’t been big on experimenting with Lego builds, but I do love the fact that this little sled can clip onto the back of the Swarmer from the last set. It looks like a stinger, adds two aft guns, and it can detach quickly to convert into its sled mode. Very cool.

The Interceptor is a great ship and it really compliments yesterday’s set nicely, as the two ships are fairly evenly matched. I enjoyed building this one a lot, and the finished model is just plain fun. So far I’m really impressed by this line and I fear I’m going to be in it for the long haul. I can already feel the shakes as I try not to jump in the car and head down to Target to pick up a couple more sets. But then I still have some Alien Conquest sets to build, which I’ve been saving for a rainy day. Nonetheless, I’m going to exert some willpower and give the Lego a rest for the rest of the week, because I got me some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys to look at!

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