Marvel Super Heroes: Spider-Man’s Bugle Showdown (#76005) by Lego

Yes, I had planned on doing two days of Toy Closet Finds this week, but this weekend a box showed up at my door containing Marvel Lego goodness. I didn’t think I’d find the time to put this thing together until the end of the week, but Saturday proved to be a great morning to sit at my desk, sip my coffee, follow Toy Fair coverage and build me a big honkin Lego set. As such, I’ll be pre-empting today’s TCF feature in favor of this wonderful acquisition. Because new Lego beats old shit that I found in my closet.


Holding the box of a giant, unbuilt Lego set usually puts a huge smile on my face, but that smile was even bigger as I held this beauty. I mean look at this thing. It’s got Doctor Doom attacking the Daily Bugle building with an f’ing gunship! And while you digest the awesomeness of that sentence, I’ll toss out there that I haven’t even mentioned the real reason I couldn’t resist this set, but we’ll get to that in a minute. I should note that the set appears to be based on the current Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. I’ve never seen it, so I’m just taking this on as a straight Spidey set.


I’ve had big Lego boxes like this with a lot of air in them, but this one is stuffed with content. You get three instruction booklets, a sticker sheet, a loose base piece and a loose piece of spider webbing, and five large numbered baggies containing 476 pieces. I haven’t built a 400+ set in a long time! When all is said and done, you get to build The Daily Bugle building, Dr. Doom’s gunship, and five minifigs. My spider senses tell me that we’re going to start with the minifigs!


First off, there’s Spidey and Doctor Doom. Spidey’s a colorful figure with attractive printing, but there aren’t any other real surprises here. I like the printed webbing on the back of his head. Doctor Doom features a cape and hood and looks every bit the character. He should have come with a gun, but I’m sure I have one I can loan him.


Next up, you’ve got Nova and Beetle. I can’t say as I’ve ever been jonesing for a Nova minifig, I’d much rather have him in Legends or Marvel Universe,  but he’s still plenty cool. Having the character in the cartoon is will hopefully make that happen someday. The dark blue contrasts nicely with the bright red and yellow. He has a helmet and two printed faces. Beetle is a cool enough figure too. His printing is simple, but he does have a pair of translucent wings and a gun. Both of these guys are solid efforts and good additions to the set, I’m just not the right target audience for the characters.


Yep, these are some cool minifigs, but I’m sure I’m forgetting something… Oh yeah, HOLY SHIT, I OWN A LEGO MINIFIG OF J. JONAH MOTHER F’ING JAMESON!!! I’m pretty sure that Lego could have just dropped him alone into this huge box, sealed it up and charged me $50 and I would have bought it. Look at him! He’s so adorable and angry and while he does have two printed faces, in my mind he’s constantly screaming, so I’ll always be displaying him with the super angry face. He comes with a little camera and he can also hold the photo or newspaper that comes with the set.




The bulk of this set is the Daily Bugle building, which has evolved with the times to become the Daily Bugle Media Conglomerate. This thing was a lot of fun to build, and threw me for a couple loops in terms of which windows got stickers, but I only had to go back a couple of steps to fix it. The front of the building is epic. It’s got a huge cluster of digital screens making up a massive picture of Jameson’s angry face shaking a rolled up newspaper at the city. There are double doors on the front, a fire escape running up one side. The top of the building is adorned with satellite dish and two antenna all used to spew Jameson’s glorious filth at the world. You also get a street light and a dumpster.


Turn the building around and you get four levels to play in. The lobby doesn’t have much going on, just a potted plant. The second storey has a safe a graphic arts desk and a chair. The third storey is Jameson’s office with a desk, computer and desk light. The roof just offers some extra space for perilous battles to ensue.




The set is also crammed with well-designed play gimmicks. The dumpster can flip a figure into the air. There’s a button that blows one of the windows out to expose the safe. There’s another one that opens a trap door on the roof. A third lever can be used to launch Spidey off the roof and have him swing on his web. Ok, that last one doesn’t work all that well, but it’s still fun.



But wait! You also get Doctor Doom’s gunship, which is no doubt the slickest piece of military hardware Latverian tax dollars could buy. It’s a single-seater, fixed wing VTOL aircraft with two flick fire missiles, pivoting engines, and a winch with a claw on it for grabbing the safe, other minifigs, or just ripping the damn building apart.

This set was $50, which seems like a solid value considering how long it took me to build and the potential for fun here. The Bugle building really makes me wish I had more Lego City buildings so that I could have it dominating all of them. In the past year or so of Lego building I’ve built everything from star fighters to attack subs, and this building is still one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Go figure! Sure, everything that comes in this set is awesome, but just the ability to have my Daily Bugle Media Empire building and a Jameson figure is plenty for me. I can see myself treating this thing like a doll house and just playing with Jameson in it as he goes about his daily routines. I’m going to have to get some generic Lego office workers for him to constantly scream at, and I need to steal a coffee pot from one of my Lego City police sets, because Jonah needs plenty of caffeine to fuel his endless rage until he has a heart attack and a Lego City ambulance comes to get him. But Lego Jameson will survive to have a ton of adventures, not least of which will be covering the Lego Alien Conquest Wars, which will unfold outside his building. He’ll also hire Lego Deadpool as a bodyguard so he will be a permanent resident. Shenanigans will ensue. This is one of the best Lego sets EVER!

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