FarScape Series 1: Chiana (Armed and Dangerous) by Toy Vault


[I’ve got to start today with a bit of self-serving bullocks because today marks the Third Anniversary of FigureFan. I’m not doing anything special today, at least not in front of the camera, but I have embarked on some behind the scenes stuff to start pushing FigureFan Zero to the next phase of development. This blog started evolving all the way back around 1997 with TechnoCothica, a site that dabbled in video games and related action figures and collectibles and it was eventually rebooted on Feb 18th 2010 into what it is today. Three years and 860+ features later and it’s still chugging along.

Thanks to everyone who has shot me emails with feedback, praise and criticism. I try to take it all to heart and I’ve met a lot of cool people along the way who I’m now proud to call Cyber-Friends. I do this first and foremost as an outlet for my passion, but it’s always nice to know some other people get enjoyment out of it somewhere along the way.

Ok, enough of that… on with the today’s feature…]

Last Monday I kicked off my look at Toy Vault’s Farscape figures with Zhaan, and I promised I’d be back this week to look at Chiana. She’s still a new character to me, as I’m just now finishing Season 1. I’m still deciding whether I dig her or not as part of the show. She’s portrayed by the lovely Gigi Edgley, who despite looking like she’s engaged in Blade Runner cosplay, delivers quite an intriguing performance. Let’s take a gander at how she fares in action figure form!


The packaging is the same presentation we saw with Zhaan. The design really captures the feel of the show and the architecture of Moya, their living spaceship. The bubble displays the figure well and features a printed insert with the character’s name and a list of her accessories. The back of the panel has some stills of the characters from the show, but no photos of the actual figures. There’s also a small assortment of stats on the character. I’m not sure if she actually sold for $17 when she was released about 10 years ago, but I picked her up for a deal at a local comic shop. I must have seen her and Zhaan hanging on the pegs a dozen times, but never took notice until I started watching the show.



Zhaan’s sculpt was competent enough work, but I really think the folks at Toy Vault totally nailed this one. The figure’s portrait is a great likeness for her on screen persona. The dark eyes, wild hair, and open mouth all make her instantly recognizable, and the paintwork on her face is clean and sharp. Chiana’s outfit is also sculpted with a lot of detail to bring out the crazy web like pattern in her pants and top. She’s showing off a little cleavage and midriff and her muscles are subtly sculpted into place as is her little belly button. To keep the mixed media gimmick coming, Chiana has two little spots of fluff glued onto her shoulders to simulate the furry pieces on the character’s costume. About the only thing here that’s a tad off is the painted shadowing effect on her cleavage. It looks a little heavy handed and cheesy, but not too bad.


Chiana sports about the same seven points of articulation as Zhaan. You get a swivel in the neck, rotating shoulders, swivels in the wrists and in the hips. But while Zhaan was sculpted in a fairly neutral stance, Chiana is a lot more pre-posed. Her legs are permanently bent at the knees, one elbow is bent a bit and her other arm is drawn up completely to hold the weapon at the ready. Her hip articulation is really only practical for tweaking her to stand better. Otherwise we’re looking at a figure that comes from the DC Direct school of articulation, where you can make a few adjustments to her pose but nothing too radical.





Chiana comes with three accessories. You get her punishment collar, a pair of working handcuffs, and a gun. The gun is a nicely detailed piece with some paint wash to give it some realism and wear and she can hold it quite well in her left hand. The collar can fit around her neck and has some tiny paint apps to simulate the lights. The handcuffs… well, it’s just cool to have a working pair of 7-inch scale handcuffs. I prefer to pose her with them hanging off her right wrist. The odd thing here is that it seems like something is missing as Chiana’s right hand is posed as if it was designed to take a circular object. It’s useless with any of her accessories. I’m guessing either something was left out or they had planned to re-release her later with an additional accessory.




Did I mention last time that these figures scale perfectly with Diamond’s Trek figures? Yes, I did… because I love that crossover potential. All in all, Chiana is definitely a nice piece of work on Toy Vault’s part. The sculpting and paint work are all top notch and the accessories are well thought out. Sure, I would have preferred a fully articulated action figure to a semi-poseable statue, but I can’t deny that she displays really well on the shelf. I bought these ladies just to feel out the line and see what it was all about, but I’m pleased enough with the pair of them to keep pressing on. We’ll keep the Farscape Monday tradition rolling along next week with a look at the loveable Luxan Warrior, D’argo.

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