FarScape Series 1: D’argo (Til The Blood Runs Clear) by Toy Vault

It’s Monday… it’s more Farscape! This time we’re checking out the Klingon of the Farscape universe: D’argo the Luxan Warrior. I did not know what to think of this guy as I started watching the show, other than he seemed pretty derivative of the aforementioned other alien warrior race. Actually, I spent most of the time pondering whether that was supposed to be his real nose or some kind of nose armor shingle. Maybe his nose has a boney shell to protect it? If not, does he stick it on there every morning before going out? It both fascinates and perplexes me. Eventually, I warmed up to the big guy, so I was pretty anxious to get his action figure.


We’ve seen the Farscape packaging twice already, so there are really no surprises here. D’argo looks great on the card with its huge bubble and Moya-inspired deco. The back has a few tidbits of information about the character. Apparently Luxans can only survive for 15 minutes in a vacuum, so let’s tear him open and get him out.



Hell, yeah… that’s D’argo alright. He’s a huge, hulking slab of beautifully sculpted and painted plastic. At first, I thought he had escaped the mixed media treatment, but on closer inspection you can see that the braids of his beard are some kind of hair-like substance. Each one is actually braided and carefully tied off at the end with string. Toy Vault made this guy with love. I suppose his fabric belt and shoulder strap also count as mixed media too. There’s lots to love about D’argo’s sculpt, like the pattern in his clothes and the fact that Toy Vault even included those horrible rings piercing his chest that were used by the Peacekeepers to chain his collarbone to a bulkhead. Holy shit, Farscape can be hardcore when it wants to be. The portrait is spot on as well. I’ve got no complaints about the paintwork on the figure, either. In fact, Toy Vault did a fine job reproducing all his various tats.



But wait… Uh oh, what happened to the articulation? Zhaan and Chiana weren’t exactly highly poseable, but D’argo has even less going on. You get a whopping five points, which include a swivel neck, rotating shoulders, and swivels in the wrists. You can’t get much rotation out of the head because of his tentacles and hair that hang down his back, and the left wrist on my figure is stuck, so if I try to swivel it, it will likely twist off. I had the unpleasant experience of doing that a while back to one of my DCUC Raven’s legs, so I’m content to leave it where it is. Below the waist, D’argo is completely static. This guy is designed to stand there and hold his sword, and not a lot else.




D’argo comes with three accessories, which include two weapons and a sand mask. For weapons you get his Qualta Blade and  dagger. The dagger is pretty simple and can be tucked into D’argo’s belt, which is convenient since I never expect to display him holding anything but his trademark sword. It also looks like something someone picked up at Hoffritz Cutlery in the mall. Yes, kids, go google Hoffritz Cutlery… it was a store in the mall that sold nothing but edged weapons! Can’t do that nowadays! The Qualta blade is clearly the real showpiece here. It’s nicely executed, albeit kind of a shame that Toy Vault didn’t include a second version converted into the gun form. I also would have liked a way to store it on his back.


The mask is the one Dargo wore in the episode “Til The Blood Runs Clear” and I’m pretty sure it’s the same prop used by him in “Through The Looking Glass.” It actually fits on the figure quite well, but who is ever going to display their figure wearing this thing? As mentioned earlier, they would have been better off spending the effort in sculpting a second Qualta blade.


Yes, D’argo lowers the bar for this line’s articulation. If Zhaan and Chiana flirted with the idea of being actual action figures, D’argo makes no bones about being a slightly articulated statue. On the other hand, he is a very nice looking statue and a fine tribute to the character in plastic form. Plus, I dig the fact that he isn’t as pre-posed as Chiana. The sculpting and paintwork show that Toy Vault knew what they were doing with the license… at least from what I’ve seen so far, and D’argo will make another excellent addition to my 7-inch scale sci-fi shelf.

Next Monday we’ll starburst into the Farscape universe once again with a look at Aeryn Sun.

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