Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Dogpound (Nickelodeon) by Playmates

It was a good Christmas for Playmates and their new TMNT line. The pegs were emptied out in all the Targets and Walmarts around these parts and the prices of many of the figures quickly doubled and tripled online. Of course, that’s not so good if you wanted to actually buy them. Thankfully, the TMNT section is slowly getting replenished and this morning I was able to find a couple of figures that I’ve been hunting for quite a while now. One of those figures just happens to be today’s feature… Dogpound!


There’s the now familiar TMNT figure packaging. It’s bright, it’s obnoxious, it’s in your face. It also makes me want to buy these things by the cartful. The front shows off the figure wonderfully, and the back has a clip-out filecard for the character and pictures of all the other glorious figures. I’m not watching the show, but I’m happy to see that Playmates is adding to the Turtles universe by creating new characters. Dogpound is one of those newbies, so let’s see what he’s all about.



Plastic is crazy expensive right now, but you wouldn’t know it from this guy. He’s a huge slab of plastic crammed into a basic assortment figure card. In fact, Dogpound is so big that you actually have to assemble him by plugging in his tail and back spikes. It reminds me of my Star Trek Mugatu, also made by Playmates. The figure is mostly hollow, and that’s probably a good thing, because he’s got quite a heft to him as it is. If he were solid plastic, kids would be killing each other by chucking Dogpound figures at each other’s heads in the schoolyards. Dogpound figures would be regulated and you’d need to go through a 10-day waiting period to buy them.


Call me immature… or maybe it’s the couple of Jamesons I’ve had, but I can’t stop laughing when I look at Dogpound’s face. I’m serious. I’m giggling right now. Look at it. It’s hysterical. I don’t think that cheesy grimace narrow eyes and those big eyebrows will ever get old. He’s definitely going to stay on my desk for a while. Hell, I may carry this guy around in my pocket so that whenever I’m having a bad day at work I can pull him out, look at his face, and make everything better. I’m still giggling. Look at his face!


Moving beyond Dogpound’s amazing mug, the rest of the figure is like a cross between a werewolf and Crash Bandicoot on steroids, with Sonic the Hedgehog’s spikey back. His fur is sculpted all over his body and he has little purple Hulk pants with spiked kneepads. His left arm is a lot bigger than his right and it has spikes coming out of his wrist to give him a little extra turtle shredding power. The coloring on the figure is pretty good, with a dissolve between the orange and white fur. I think my only complaint here is that the sculpted straps on his chest and back aren’t painted. I’m guessing Playmates blew some of their paint apps budget on this guy by making him so damn big. It seems like a good trade off.


Unless you’re a turtle, articulation hasn’t been one of this line’s strong suits. Nonetheless, I would argue you get everything you need to have fun with these guys, and Dogpound remains true to form. He has ball joints in his shoulders and hips. His head can swivel, but because it’s located on the front of his torso, it doesn’t so much as turn, but cock from side to side. It’s like Dogpound is hearing a strange noise. He also has swivels in his forearms and his waist. Yes, hinges in the elbows would have been awesome, but I’m still pretty happy with what we got. Besides, I can pose him with his arms out wide like he wants a hug.

Dogpound doesn’t come with any accessories, unless you count his tail and back spikes. Because he’s so big, I don’t feel cheated by not getting anything with him.


God, these figures are so much fun! I came pretty close to paying double for Dogpound online a couple of times. Obviously, I’m glad I waited and got him for $8.88 at Walmart, but I wouldn’t have been disappointed had I paid more. I love him to pieces and like most of the basic TMNT figures, he’s an amazing value at this price. He’s also a great addition to the TMNT roster. Just because I’m not watching the series doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate what it’s adding to the TMNT mythos and characters like Dogpound definitely enrich the franchise. And yes, I’m still laughing at his face.

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