Marvel Universe: Kraven The Hunter by Hasbro

It’s Marvel Monday. It’s been a rough working weekend. Today’s going to be kind of quick and to the point. Keeping all that in mind, I decided to go with a look at Kraven today, because despite really enjoying me some Spider-Man, I’ve never been a big fan of Kraven. He’s a very cool character design, he has an ok backstory, but I’ve never really bought his paring with Spidey as making a whole lot of sense. Nonetheless, I’m all about building up my Spider-Man Rogue Gallery in 3 ¾”, so adding Kraven to my collection was only natural.


Kraven comes on the typical MU card, although he does require an extra deep bubble because his costume is a tad bulky. He’s carded with his accessories around him and he really fills out the bubble nicely. The character art isn’t up to some of the line’s better work, although the more I look at the illustration, the more I feel that Kraven is staring out from the card and directly into my soul and trying to mesmerize me long enough to stick his spear in my throat. Flip the card around and you have Kraven’s bio along with the adorable and deadly Rocket Raccoon telling you that you better buy every damn MU figure you can find or else he’s going to tip your garbage cans, and then bite you and give you the intergalactic rabies.


Actually he just says, “Never doubt a raccoon.” I can’t believe we’re going to see him in a feature film soon. These are truly amazing times we live in. Let’s rip this guy open…



So, I may not be the biggest Kraven fan around, but holy hell, this is one amazing figure. I mean, damn Hasbro, you guys went all out for this guy. What we have here is definitely one of the best sculpts in my MU collection and probably one of the better sculpts of any 3 3/4″ figure I own. That’s not hyperbole, folks, that’s just me being really impressed. The head sculpt is top notch for a figure in this scale and the buck used is replete with sculpted muscles. The arms are achieved with painted armbands and wrist and hand wraps, but the paintwork is spectacular. The lower legs are new sculpts with skull knee guards, fur fringe and wrapped boots.


The rest of the figure showcases the unbelievably awesome lion head vest. It’s gorgeously sculpted and painted. The mane, which makes up the shoulders and the back makes for a wonderful effect and the paintwork on the lion’s face is immaculate. Kraven also has a belt of pouches with front and back sashes. The outfit is tied together with a little necklace, which you need to pop off his head to put back on.


Kraven isn’t based on the most articulated of the MU bodies, but he does have some great poseability. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders, hips, ankles, and torso. His arms have hinged elbows, and swivel wrists. His knees are double-hinged. He’s missing the thigh swivels, but after how crappy those joints were in my Kang figure, I’m perfectly fine if Hasbro starts leaving them out. Which leads me to point out that the quality of plastic Hasbro used for this figure is very good.

Besides his necklace, you get two accessories with Kraven: His spear and his knife. The knife can be held in either hand and can also be trust into his belt for storage. The spear is a nice looking piece, but it’s a little bendy. He can also hold it in either hand or both.



In case you haven’t guessed, I am completely blown away by Kraven. I have little love for the character, but I have to give kudos to Hasbro for putting some unprecedented work into this figure. One of the many reasons I hate to collect Marvel Universe, is that few of the figures seem to justify their price tag, but Kraven’s superior sculpt and paintwork and his accessories make him feel like a great deal. In fact, he’s almost on par with something I might get in an exclusive set. I’m thinking this guy might split his time with my GI JOE collection, because I think he would fit in pretty well as some kind of insane Cobra. Either way, Kraven is one outstanding figure.

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