Causality: CA-10 T-Bone by Fansproject

Considering a portion of this week has already been taken up by another third-party Transformer, I was going to wait until next week to look at the next figure in Fansproject’s line of “Not-Stunticons.” But I was pretty excited to get this guy open and start checking him out, and my willpower sucks, and so here we are. T-Bone is FP’s homage to the Stunticon, Wildrider and he’s also something of a cousin to Car Crash as the two figures share the same core design, only with enough heavy remolding to make them stand as individuals. If you’ve already checked out my look at Car Crash a lot of this will be familiar to you.  



I absolutely love Fansproject’s packaging. Once again, the grid-pattern is very reminiscent of the old G1 deco and the compact little window box delivers great presentation without needing to take up a lot of space on the shelf. Car Crash’s box was purple, whereas T-Bones is red, otherwise the two boxes share the same exact layout. The panels feature both character art and actual photos of the figure. The side panels are particularly cool with illustrations that make certain these boxes are going to look great lined up on a bookshelf. Well done!


T-Bone comes in robot mode, wrapped in plastic, and nestled between two plastic trays and with his gun off to the side. Everything is totally collector friendly. Behind the silver backer card, there’s a baggie with his color profile card and color instruction sheet. As usual, I’m going to start with the alt mode! Last time, I used Classics Sideswipe as a size comparison, this time I’m using the Prime Robots in Disguise Vehicon to show that these guys scale pretty nicely with Hasbro’s current crop of Deluxes.




The original G1 Wildrider was a Ferrari, while FP’s T-Bone is a Ferrari-ish concept car. The similarities to his G1 car mode aren’t as well-stated as Car Crash and Breakdown, but that’s ok because T-Bone’s alt mode is fantastic. Folks, this is what a Decepticon car should look like! He looks angry and dangerous! The angular plates manage to convey battle armor, and yet he still looks like a viable car design. Yes, T-Bone’s car parts are remolded from Car Crash, but it’s such a great and clever piece of work that, apart from maybe the rear engine area, succeeds in making the two cars look unique. The quality of the plastic is excellent, and everything locks together very well. The only issue I have here is that his weapon doesn’t store as exhaust pipes quite as well as Car Crash’s. One half pegs in fine, the other just doesn’t want to fit properly.


And the colors! I’ve always loved Wildrider’s deco. The dark grey body with red windows looked great on the original toy and it looks amazing here as well. The lighter metallic silver on the hood adds a little variety. Like the actual mold, the colors just convey evil. Nothing against Car Crash, but T-Bone’s car deco is just a lot cooler to me, particularly for a Decepticon.


Much like Car Crash, transforming T-Bone can be a real bitch. He transforms almost exactly the same as his cousin, with just a few minor differences. The leg panels can now hinge way up to give you a little more room to work, but there’s a treacherous peg on one of the plates that causes you to pull up on a another plate to get it to clear. I’ve been able to do it plenty of times without inducing any stress marks, but it’s still a little too tight for comfort. Also, T-Bone really demands that you get everything just right if he’s going to lock together in his car mode. But make no mistake, if you do everything correctly, he locks together just fine, possibly even a little better than Car Crash.



In robot mode, T-Bone is a thing of beauty. The angular and jagged car parts give him a more vicious look than Car Crash. The head sculpt is excellent, although I really wish FP had added his horizontal horns to the sides of his head to improve the homage to the G1 character. That right there is my only real complaint about the figure. Yes, there are some similarities between him and Car Crash. The pelvis and upper legs are the same pieces, and they each have their wheels on their shoulders, but even the tires are uniquely sculpted on each figure. On the other hand, the torso and head are completely new sculpts and those combined with the resculpted car parts really make T-Bone a unique figure.



T-Bone carries over most of his alt mode’s deco into his robot form. He’s mostly grey and dark grey with some red on his arms. The color scheme is everything I could want in a Decepticon and he makes for a really nice contrast when standing next to Car Crash.


T-Bone shares all of Car Crash’s excellent articulation, making him lots of fun to play with. He’s got ball joints in the neck, shoulders, hips and ankles. He has swivels in the biceps, waist, and thighs. His elbows and knees are hinged. He’s just got a great action figure feel to him that begs me to fiddle about and pose him.



Once again, $68 is a lot to pay for a little guy like this, but I still feel he’s well worth it. The quality of the plastic is great and while he can be a bit scary to transform sometimes, he’s still a pretty well engineered toy. I definitely dig him more than Car Crash, and that’s saying a lot because I thought Car Crash was excellent. For T-Bone it just comes down to me preferring his sculpt and deco. I’m anxious to get the third figure in this series, but alas, it looks like there’s going to be a wait. While official photos of final versions of the next two cars have been shown, there are no official release dates or pre-orders available. What’s more, photos of FP’s “Not-Motormaster” are scant at best. We’ve seen him unpainted in combined mode and a rough sculpt of the vehicle, but nothing solid as to his robot mode. But that’s ok, Fansproject. I’m ok waiting. It gives me a chance to buy a bunch of other stuff on my want list recoup my monies.

5 comments on “Causality: CA-10 T-Bone by Fansproject

  1. I like his robot mode. He is well designed. I am not too crazy about the back wheels. Thy seem to stick out a bit in vehicle mode. Hoping it was just the picture, but I don’t know. When I saw the first picture, I thought it was a black version of Prime Wheeljack. Definitely liking the robot mode.

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