Farscape Series 2: Rygel (“Dominar of Hyneria”) by Toy Vault

Since Marvel Universe has taken over Mondays for the time being, I thought I’d just stick my newest Farscape figure in here. It’s everyone’s favorite Hynerian curmudgeon, Rygel. Actually, for a lot of fans he’s probably that character you love to hate or maybe hate to love, but he’s definitely one of my favorite characters on the show. Besides the amazing animatronics that bring him to life, the writers really managed to layer some depth into him. Sure, he’s usually just a foul-mouthed, misogynistic opportunist who would slit his own grandmother’s throat for a space-dollar, but we also get to see his vulnerabilities and maybe even a glimmering of heroism from time to time. Given my druthers, he probably would have been the first Farscape figure I bought, but he tends to be tough to find and often rather pricey. To the packaging!


Ok, nothing new here. The card retains the same deco influenced by Moya’s architecture. Rygel is a tiny guy, but Toy Vault has managed to spread him out with his accessories so that the bubble is still filled out nicely. The back of the card shows character portraits of the three other figures in Series 2 and a rather poor group shot of the Series 1 figures. My Rygel’s card is in pretty rough shape and the insert in the bubble is all askew. Good thing I didn’t buy him to keep him carded… Let’s rip this yotz open…




Yup, that’s Rygel all right! The folks at Toy Vault did a mighty nice job sculpting the Dominar of Hyneria. He’s got the beady eyes, the expressive ears, and the perpetually downturned and disapproving mouth. Even all the little folds of skin under his chin are all lovingly recreated here. Rygel’s tiny body is covered with a glorious velvety soft goods robe and his communicator is attached to the collar. There isn’t a lot to the rest of the figure, just his little hands and feet, which give him his total of four points of articulation. The paintwork on the figure is excellent. The variations in his skin color match his on screen counterpart really well. I’m not all that keen on the little animation-style reflection dots on his eyes, but that’s more an issue of my personal preference than any complaint about the paint quality.



Rygel can stand perfectly fine on his own, but in the series he’s rarely seen without his little flying throne, so naturally Toy Vault provided their Rygel figure with a little scaled version. I’m a little torn on the throne. On the one hand, the sculpt really is wonderfully detailed. Almost every bit of it is pimped out with ornate scrollwork, and the detail on the cushion is extremely convincing. There’s even a ball jointed joystick for him to pilot it around. On the downside, it feels just a tad undersized. When you sit Rygel in it, you can barely see the chair at all. I’m thinking it may be more because of the poufy robes than the chair itself, but it’s such a gorgeous little piece, I wish you could see more of it with Rygel on it.


In addition to his throne, Rygel comes with a small assortment of other accessories from specific episodes. These are mostly tiny and useless. From “Durka Returns” you get the little tray of explosives and the bomb sphere he used to try to kill his former Peacekeeper captor, Durka. The crystal seems to be the one from “DNA Mad Scientist,” and unfortunately looks more like a dildo than anything else. As for the tiny useless dagger, well I’m pretty sure Rygel’s had that in a number of episodes. Nothing here is all that special and he can’t even really hold any of it, so the accessories don’t really add value to the figure. They’re mostly just tiny things that will likely get lost. If you’re hunting a Rygel, you’re much better off going for the variant. At least that one comes with a hookah pipe.


Unfortunately, like many of the Farscape figures, Rygel can be damned expensive on the secondary market. I lucked out and was able to pick up mine for $30. That’s still an awful lot of money for this figure, but considering he’s rarely seen on Ebay under $60-80, I guess I should just be satisfied to have him in my collection. And that will leave me with just John Crichton to hunt down. Truth be told, I’m not as eager to pick up the rest of this line as I once was. Partly because of the prices (Scorpius and Crais go for way too much money), and partly because I’m not really digging Season 3 all that much. Maybe as I press on through Season 4, my fondness for the show will be rekindled.

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