Sunday Funday: My Ten Favorite Things About Last Night’s Doctor Who!

Wow, yesterday’s “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS” was a cracker of an episode. I loved it to death and since I’ll probably spend today watching it again, I thought I’d run off a  quick list of the things I loved most about it… If you haven’t seen it yet… SPOILERS!!!


  • The Doctor tricking the salvage team into thinking they had only 30 minutes to rescue Clara before he blew up the TARDIS was brilliant… The set up was even more so… “Behind those doors is the salvage of a lifetime!”
  • “We’re in trouble, Clara… proper trouble!” LOL.
  • Matt Smith is unbelievably brilliant even in the mediocre episodes, but give him something like this one and there’s no stopping him!
  • Validium!!! The “living metal” invented by the Time Lords and featured prominently in the 7th Doctor story “Silver Nemesis.” Ok, it wasn’t mentioned by name, but we saw where it’s used by the TARDIS as part of her ability to alter her own internal geography. So cool!
  • Even trashed, the new console room looked absolutely gorgeous in this episode.
  • The Eye of Harmony… ‘nuff said.
  • The bit where you hear all the voices that the TARDIS remembers hearing inside her console room. In addition to various incarnation of The Doctor, you get to hear Susan and Ian Chesterton. That put a huge smile on my face.
  • Clara’s skirt!!! 😉
  • There’s an Encyclopedia Gallifrey and it’s in liquid form and stored in bottles! Which brings me to…
  • Holy Christ, there’s a leather-bound History of the Time War in the TARDIS library!!!!! I love this on so many levels. First, I love and collect antique books. I spent eight years of my life buying and selling them for a living. I would LOVE to have that prop! Secondly, I think it’s hilarious that there’s a “history” of something that has been Time Locked and therefore effectively removed from time itself. It’s almost like having a history of something that was erased from history. 

Great stuff! I can’t wait until next week’s!

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