Marvel Universe: Jubilee by Hasbro

Ah, Jubilee… I don’t like her. I’ve always thought she was an annoying character with lame powers. I wasn’t reading X-Men at the time of her debut, and for a while, I actually thought she was created for the X-Men animated series to replace Rogue as someone the audience of kids could relate to. Why is it every time a film or series creates a character for the audience to relate to, they suck? Jubilee Fans, attach your hate mail to the comments section below! Later, when I got back into comics hardcore and spent a lot of time in back issues, I obviously learned otherwise. Anyway, like her or not, I can’t help myself from buying any X-Men figures Hasbro puts out in the Marvel Universe line, and so here we are… welcome to Marvel Monday!


There’s the packaging. I do dig the character art and despite her rather demure size, Jubilee fills out her bubble fairly well with her effect part beside her on the tray. You get the usual “Comic Shot” which is an issue of X-Factor featuring Jubilee in a completely different costume. Excellent! Great job, Hasbro! At this point you might as well just grind up the Comic Shot into dust and pour it into my eyes.


The back of the card has a little bio blurb and a shot of the other figures in this wave. I haven’t found Professor X yet, but next week, we’ll be looking at Blastaar. The collecting message of the wave comes from Dazzler. I would dig me a Dazzler figure, but if that ever happens, I’m sure she’ll wind up in some overpriced exclusive set. Boo!



With Jubilee out of the package, I continue to be impressed with the current crop of MU figures that Hasbro is churning out. Obviously, the most distinctive thing about her is the soft plastic yellow trenchcoat. The coat is executed in traditional Hasbro style by making it a vest with figure’s arms sculpted to look like the sleeves. It works fine for me, especially in this scale. Her body and legs are free of any sculpted detail and painted completely black. Her belt is a separate piece, but it’s glued into place instead of just hanging on her hips. I would have preferred her red top and blue shorts under the coat, but maybe that will be a quick-and-dirty variant later on down the road. Hasbro did a nice job with the head sculpt. Yes, she’s a bit wall-eyed, but that’s mostly thanks to the paint. The rest of the face is great, the hair is fantastic, and she has her sunglasses nestled into her hair and a pair of earrings.



Jubilee’s articulation is pretty solid. Her neck has a ball joint in addition to a hinge, which gives her head a lot of movement. Her arms have ball joints in the shoulders and elbows and swivels in her wrists. Unfortunately, the sculpted sleeves works against the range of motion in her arms. The legs are ball jointed at the hips, swivels in the thighs and boots, and double hinges in the knees. Her ankles have hinges and rockers too! The torso has a ball joint just under her chest.


In addition to the crappy Comic Shot, Jubilee comes with a purple effect part for her hand. It looks like the same piece that came with Scarlet Witch. Either way, it’s already gone straight into the Bin of Forgotten Effect Parts, never to be seen again.


So, Jubilee may not be one of my favorite characters, but Hasbro did her proud with this figure. They managed to take a very crappy 90’s distinctive character design and translate it into plastic perfectly. I’ve only seen her a few times on the pegs, and one of those times two middle aged guys were fighting over her. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice what little self-respect I have by jumping into that fray, and my patience paid off because she showed up again a few weeks later. Considering the abysmal Hasbro distribution in my area, finding any Marvel Universe figure in the wild is a rare treat, let alone one from a recent wave.

7 comments on “Marvel Universe: Jubilee by Hasbro

  1. It seems that Jubilee in action figure form, like Kitty Pride, has grown in more than one sense… Disadvantages of using the same body mold of more mature misses! Anyway, a nice figure for fans of the 90’s X-Men and the adventures of Wolverine with his teenage colleague!

    • Ah, I’ve owned a few of those She Force figures, but I didn’t know they did Dazzler! I’d like to see her in Marvel Legends… I wonder if anyone has done 6-inch scale roller-skates before?

  2. Was never a fan of Jubilee in the 90’s animated series.Figure looks cool and those little comic shots are starting to grow on me.They might be nice to display in stamp collecting sleeves.

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