Marvel Universe: Blastaar by Hasbro

While Hasbro seems to be dropping the ball on their movie properties, they have certainly upped the ante on Marvel Universe. I’m not just talking about the overall quality of the figures, but also the character selection. MU is a line that I was seriously considering abandoning last year, but I’m glad I didn’t because I would have missed out on a lot of cool figures. This Marvel Monday’s entry is a prime example of that. Oh yes, folks… it’s Blastaar!


Oops, my bad… it’s MARVEL’S Blastaar, because somebody at Hasbro was sleeping on the job in the copyright department. In package, Blastaar just warms the cockles of my Fantastic Four Fanboy heart. The character art has him leaping right out at you and he’s a big boy that certainly fills up the bubble. This is one of those MU figures that offers up a satisfying heft when you pull him off the peg. He was the only one I’ve seen so far in the wild, and I probably would have punched anyone in the throat that tried to get to him before I did.


The back of the card shows the figure, as well as the other two figures in this wave, and a little bio blurb of this big boy. Once again, Dazzler decks out the bottom of the card with some collecting advice. Can, I dig it you ask?  Oh yeah, Dazzler. I can dig it.



Blastaar is a fine example of the logical reuse of parts. The legs, torso and forearms are all recycled directly from Juggernaut (and various other MU big boys) and given a fresh coat of paint. He has a simple grey and blue deco, with the grey being very similar to the type used for Apocalypse, while the blue is slightly darker and features less of a sheen. The bracers on his wrists are new to the sculpt, as is the circlet around his neck. It all works quite well and ensures that Blastaar is a beefy enough figure to hang with the likes of Apocalypse and Thanos. Yeah, he’s a little generic, but it suits the character design.


While Blastaar’s body is somewhat generic, the head sculpt makes up for that in spades. This guy’s ugly noggin is packed with detail and personality. He’s got the one buggy eye, a mouthful of carefully sculpted and painted teeth, even something as simple as the ears are worthy of note. I’m also really pleased with the way his wild mane of hair came out. He looks like he’s about to start stroking out with rage. Fantastic!


The articulation here is the same we’ve seen with most of the husky MU figures. There are ball joints in the neck, shoulders, hips, and torso. The arms have swivels in the biceps and and forearm, and the elbows are hinged. The legs have swivels in the thighs and just above the boots, the knees are double hinged and the ankles have single hinges. The characteristics of the buff sculpt impede some of the points of articulation, but he can still do a lot more than just stand there and look menacing.

No accessories, but Blastaar does come with the super wonderful tiny piece of printed cardboard that Hasbro suggests is a cool collectible. If I cared at all about the Comic Shot, I would at this point say that I would have preferred a Fantastic Four cover over The Avengers one. But either way, these get thrown out with the packaging, so I care not!



Sure, Blastaar is basically a kitbash with a new head, but I have no issues with these when they’re done right and this guy is done right. Yes, Hasbro could have made the costume a little more distinctive, but on the other hand the fact that I can walk into a big box toy aisle and buy a Blastaar figure kind of blows my mind. If this is what they needed to do to make that happen, I’m cool with that. I was already a fan of this buck and the head sculpt drives the whole figure home perfectly.

And… once again, I’m caught up on my Marvel Universe Collection features, so for the next four weeks, Marvel Monday will be changing over to features for the Legends scale figures. Unless, of course, I happen to stumble upon a boon of MU figures that I need. After that… well, we’ll see!

5 comments on “Marvel Universe: Blastaar by Hasbro

  1. Just back from vaca so gotta get caught up here at FigureFanZero. NM was fun even if it is burning down. I spotted this guy at the boutique toy store near my work but hesitated at that store’s $11 price tag. I have the Bowen Blastaar bust with flame ball fists so figured I’ld get this guy at some point. Then a week later at the same store there was another MU Blastaar with orange flame effect hands. A “chase figure”! So I got that one. I really dig the whole HeMan thing with Blastaar. You know the name and then the blasting hands shtick.

  2. A clever example of how to reuse existing parts. Good figure, but expend forces on two variants of a character like Blastaar instead of include Rogue in the line of basic figures, for example… I’m not entirely convinced…

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