Doctor Who: Clara “Oswin” Oswald (3 3/4″ Scale) by Character Options

Yesterday, I looked at the new 3 ¾” Doctor figure from Character Options, and I was less than delighted with the final outcome. I promise you that this initial wave of figures will improve as we get into the baddies next week, but not today. Today we’re looking at The Doctor’s sexy little companion, Clara. Hang on, I’m going to need to pour a glass of Jameson for this one.


There’s the packaging. It’s the same as what we say yesterday, so let’s not dwell on it.


CO had a few different outfits to choose from for the Clara figure, but they decided to layer her with two coats over her dress. The result is that she looks bulky, and that kind of dampens the appeal of this particular character. Knowatamean? Not that I think they could have accurately reproduced Ms. Coleman’s curves in this scale. Oh no. You would need plastic craftsmen far more talented than CO’s stable to make that happen. Anyway, the body sculpt is passable and there’s some decent paintwork for the pattern on her dress. The legs on mine came a tad warped out of the package, but she will stand on her own. She’s also nicely scaled against The Doctor as she comes up to just past her shoulder.


And then there’s the portrait. Wow. It’s weird, because I can kind of tell it’s supposed to be Jenna Louise Coleman, but it looks like she’s puffing out her cheeks and pulling a mad face. They got the hair right, and she does have a pretty round face, which is reflected here, but it’s a little too round and puffy and the paint on her eyes make them look like they’re bugging out of her head. There’s also a huge blue blotch of paint on the back of her head.


Articulation on Clara is different from The Doctor and I find that to also be weird. It’s supposed to be a cohesive line of figures, CO, so pick an articulation style and go with it. Anyway, instead of ball joints in the shoulders, Clara has simple rotating joints. To make up for it, she has swivel cuts in the biceps and forearms, and she has hinged elbows. She has hinged knees, and her head rotates. Presumably, she has a T-crotch, but her dress renders any articulation above the knees useless. You won’t get a lot of action poses out of Clara, but I suppose she’s articulated enough to make soufflés.


Clara comes with two accessories. You get the same figure stand that came with The Doctor, and you get a red handbag. The handbag seems pretty pointless. I don’t even recall her carrying it much in the show. Something more useful would have been cool, like maybe the laptop from “The Bells of St. John.”


All told, Clara falls in about the same level of mediocrity as The Doctor. The sculpt is barely passable and the articulation isn’t great. But Clara feels like a bigger disappointment simply because this figure is the reason we won’t be getting her in the five-inch scale. I’ve already got three different 11th Doctors in my 5-inch scale collection, so that wasn’t such a big deal. But with Clara, here’s where it begins to sink in. This is what we got instead of what would have surely been a better figure in the old scale, and there’s just no reason for it. Maybe if CO releases a console room, and not a cardboard one, it will be worth it down the line, but we’ve seen no indication that that’s going to happen. Next week, things in the 3 ¾” Doctor Who line will improve as I go through the rest of the wave.

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