Marvel (Iron Man) Legends: Ultron by Hasbro

If you’re keeping score at home, Marvel Monday is usually reserved for Marvel Universe figures, but I’m using July to catch up on some of my Legends figures, specifically the second half of Hasbro’s Iron Man themed wave. Today’s figure is Ultron… wait, Ultron? In an Iron Man themed wave?  Well, I guess he’s an Avengers villain and considering that Marvel recently had a little something called Age of Ultron going on, I can forgive them for squeezing Ultron into here. Truth be told, I was really looking forward to getting a Legends scale Ultron in my collection. And then I got him… aaaand… ok, lovely Jameson… help me through this one with your alcoholy goodness.


There’s the packaging for this isolated little stand-alone wave of Iron Man Legends. It is also the “Iron Monger Series,” which means we get another Build-A-Figure part for Monger. This time it’s the head. I’ve said all there is to say about this packaging in the past four looks at this wave, so let’s move on.

Ok, where to begin? Let’s get my biggest (and really only major) issue with this figure out of the way first. It’s the plastic. I don’t like it. The bulk of this figure is cast from this awful-looking swirly silver plastic that just screams “cheap” to me. It’s also inconsistent in that some parts have a subtle blue hue to them while others have a slightly gold or tan hue, and still others are dead silver. Ultron is a figure that uses hardly any paint apps whatsoever, so it’s kind of important that they get the quality and look of the plastic right and I’m sorry to say, this stuff just doesn’t cut it for me. I can understand not wanting to paint the entire figure in metallic silver, paint is expensive, but if you’re not going to paint him, Hasbro, use better looking plastic.



And that’s a shame, because the sculpting on this figure is pretty incredible. Ok, the boots put me off a tad, as they seem rather chunky, but everything else is impressive. I like the segmented sections of his arms and legs, as well as the slight bulk to his chest and shoulder armor. Turn the figure around and he’s got a really cool spine sculpted into his back. The head, however, is what really ties the figure together for me. They really nailed the ant-like homage in Pym’s design, the red paint apps on the eyes and mouth really make the head pop. There’s a lot right with this figure, and that’s what ultimately makes him rather disappointing.


Ultron sports a ton of useful articulation. You get ball joints in the neck, shoulders, and hips. The arms feature swivels in the biceps, double hinges in the elbows, and hinges and swivels in the wrists. The legs swivel at the hips, have double hinged knees, and swivels and hinges in the ankles. He can also swivel at the waist and he has an ab crunch hinge in the torso. Poseability is not one of this figure’s problems.



It could be that I’m making the look of the bare plastic on this figure into too big of an issue and I’m rather interested to see what other collectors thing of him. It could also be that I was so excited to get this Ultron in hand that my expectations were set pretty high. But in fairness, those expectations were based on Hasbro’s own preliminary photos where it looked like Ultron had a much nicer silver sheen rather than swirly cheap-looking plastic. I don’t mind so much when they use this stuff sparingly, but when it’s used on practically the whole figure it just doesn’t look right to me. Next Monday, we’ll take a look at the last figure in this wave… Iron Man’s Mark 42 armor!

3 comments on “Marvel (Iron Man) Legends: Ultron by Hasbro

  1. Bla, bla, Ultron, you have the head! I NEED the head! Must… find… Iron Monger’s…head! Haha! It will be interesting to see what other people’s Ultron looks like since it is made with that marbled plastic. Should be kinda Beast Hunters and each figure will be unique. Can’t wait to find mine.

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